Sunday, December 2, 2012

Murder, Suicide, and Racism

Murphy’s Law has the best, and most concise, blog on the coward,  Jovan Belcher.

Now comes along sports columnist Jason Whitlock, a writer I usually admire, with his take.

First, he seems to think this puke, Belcher, is worthy of recognition by cancelling a football game. Second, he wanders off into some anti gun rant. Seems he believes young black men can’t be trusted with firearms. Ergo, no one should have one. How damn racist is that?

Where the hell is personal responsibility? Should we, as a collective society, give up things we enjoy because some in our society can’t, or won’t,  handle personal responsibility? Why the hell are we responsible, or even should try to be responsible,  for the deviant behavior of individuals?

Let me guess that if Belcher had been a 7-11 clerk, his crime would never become national news. That he happened to be an elite football player doesn’t make him less of an irresponsible, cowardly, murdering  puke.


Old NFO said...

Concur with all... The ONLY thing he needs to be meomorialzed for is his STUPIDITY!

Ami said...

I am so tired of athlete worship. Our 'culture' sucks, frankly.

Belcher was a dipshit for what he did, and I'm not the least bit sorry he is gone. I'm just sorry for the person he took with him, and for the baby who is left with no parents.

Coward indeed.

Scotty said...

I mentioned in on BZ's site. Did he possess a legal handgun? Was he licensed to own the gun?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

@ Scotty. From reports in the MSM, police say all his firearms were legal.

He wasn't a "prohibited" person.