Friday, October 6, 2017

Business Moral Quandary

Having known for some time a competitor has been after my employer's clients, I've held my own counsel. These things have a life of their own. I'm, by choice, a lowly part time driver at the very bottom of the food chain. Four stress relieving words. Not My Fucking Problem.

The competitor wants to hire me. Why not, I know the route and have all the certificates and completed tests. These are the people who first hired me. Then a medium sized company bought them out. Within weeks an international logistics company bought the medium sized company. 

The competitor has won the contract and my current employer will have no need for me in  less than two weeks.

The quandary is, do I give my current employer any notice I'm leaving? They haven't bothered to tell me my job is going away. Loyalty up, loyalty down? Don't think so.

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