Monday, March 13, 2017

Doubling Down On Dumb

The Colorado GOP is dominated by Jeb! types. Last Senate primary their favored candidates lost to a young dynamic black man. The Democrat incumbent had to be the most vulnerable senator in the country but won because the GOP sat on their hands.

Just to prove Donkeys can be more obtuse than Elephants, former State Senator Morgan Carroll is voted in as the state party chair.

An ambulance chaser by profession, she was the Senate President when the Dems had control. Rabidly anti-gun, her idea of bi-partnership was allowing the Republicans to take their seats.

Last election she took on Representative Mike Coffman (R) Colorado 4th and got her ass handed to her. She ran a campaign that was even worse than her idol, Shillary.

Found an excellent report on the Dem’s meeting.

One of her statements tickled my gag reflex.

Carroll said it was crucial to make sure everyone felt welcome in the party and vowed to institute what she called a 64-county strategy.

Since the most hardcore Blue Dog Democratic county in the state, Pueblo, went for President Trump, good luck with that.

OK, with the GOP in the hands of the Jeb!s, and the Dems in the hands of the (P)regressives, my conclusion is we residents are fucked. YMMV


  1. Bunch of shitheads, just like all the other shitheads.
    We're all screwed.

  2. You've allowed too many Californians to come to your state and californicate the hell out of it. KEEP THEM OUT - KEEP THEM OUT!

    1. Too late to build a fence. One time we witnessed an intersection collision. The drivers didn't understand why we were laughing. One car had CA plates, one had TX plates.