Sunday, August 8, 2021

What Is The Difference?

A political rant.

Political power in the history of this country has ebbed and flowed, up till now. One hundred years ago was Prohibition. Some places it even extended to tobacco. The religious folks were in power.

WWI brought draconian edicts from the Federal Government, many of dubious legality. The socialists were in power.

The Roaring 20’s kicked ass, socialism was weakened, and the religious block got their asses kicked with the recall of Prohibition.

The Great Depression gave socialist another chance. WWII and Eisenhower slowed them down.

1980 saw the rise to power at all levels, from local to the White House with the election of Ronald Reagan, of the Evangelicals. At the time I was a Republican Precinct Committeeman. There was no compromising with the Evangelicals. They were in the right and anyone who didn’t agree with them was the enemy. (More below)

Today’s leftists are just like them, only with a different doctrine. They have the same fanatic belief in their “cause”.

So WSF, what is the difference with today as opposed to the past? Respect for the rule of law, IMO. In the past, most people had a respect for the rule of law. It may have ebbed faint and twisted, but it was there. Today, the Democrat leaders don’t have any respect for the rule of law. None!

Side bar:

Being a precinct leader is mainly thankless and time consuming. You are elected 99% of the time with no opposition. Often the position goes vacant. The Evangelicals put up a candidate to oppose me and worked harder to elect their candidate than they did for the important candidates. I lost by three votes.

After turning in my files, etc., to the King County Republican Headquarters, I went two blocks away in Seattle to the Democrat Headquarters where I was appointed to the vacant office in my precinct.

For the next three elections I “delivered” my precinct to the Democrats.

The main differences for me, personally, were the meetings. The Republicans had lukewarm Chicken ala King at the Holiday Inn meeting rooms and listened to long speeches. The Democrat meetings were at a Longshoreman bar on Harbor Island. The speeches were still long but, remember, the bar!

Recently divorced, my transition to single life and interesting females was enhanced.

Where do I stand politically? It depends on the issue.

In the 60’s there was a cartoon showing a man in his living room reading a newspaper. His wife stood by his side. His words directed to her were, “The more my thinking moves to the right, the more I find in common with the left. I think I’m becoming a middle of the road extremist.”



Greybeard said...

John Edwards said, "There are two systems of Justice in America."
He was correct.
If you are a prominent democrat, you're above the law.
I'm a Christian, but I'm not a member of the Taliban sect... more flies with sugar than vinegar, doncha know?
But I do know this-
If we all acted more like Jesus Christ, the world would be a FAR better place.
But that's just me.

Old NFO said...

GB nailed it, and like you, I'm now a middle of the road extremist. AND I respect the actual rule of law, not the dems sideswipe at it!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Can't disagree with anything you said. I never took the Evangelicals personally as I understood where they were coming from and agreed with much of it.

Rule of law or anarchy. Little room for any compromise.

LSP said...

WSF, I took a break from LGM (lawyers, guns and money) and I'm glad I did. What a good post.

To my mind, the whole thing's falling apart with a kind of appalling, lemming over the cliff rapidity.

Maybe being in the country's a hedge. I hope so.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

History gives us lessons on the ability of the human race to screw up starting with Adam and Eve. Still, we survive. The conditions under which we survive are another story and I greatly fear for the future of my grandchildren.