Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sterling, CO

 Business today took me to Sterling, CO, a favorite place. Early 2000’s we held several successful offsite car sales in Sterling. The local car dealers were so arrogant we were welcomed by the City Manager, the newspaper editor (after a 30 minute interview conducted while sitting on a pickup tailgate) and many area residents who appreciated being treated with courtesy and respect.

Stopped for awhile to watch. Mainly Stearmans and one sailplane.

There are two ways to get there from Greeley. Both are about equal in distance and within 20 minutes drive time. This morning went to Briggsdale then east on Hwy 14. The traffic jam at New Raymer wasn’t hard to negotiate.

These events all over the West are almost always 98% local citizen volunteer organizers.

Feeling lonely and that nobody cares about you? Go rattle the gate at one of these missile sites and, in about fifteen to twenty minutes, you will be making new “friends”.

Just past this site the terrain becomes a series of valleys that are part of the South Platte River system.

Stopped for awhile to watch. Mainly Stearmans and one sailplane.

The RTB route was on the old US 6 to Brush then I-76 and Hwy 34. US 6 has little traffic and more interesting scenery. Fueled in Sterling and carefully cleaned the windshield for the drive west into the afternoon sun. Then, five minutes into the trip.

Sterling is a fairly stable small city. Agriculture is the dominant economic driver along with the petro extraction industry (currently under attack by Emperor Polis, et al). There is a well regarded Jr. College and a nearby State Prison with associated employee and faculty payrolls to smooth out the ups and downs.

Just off I-76, Exit 125, is the Overland Trails Museum. This is well worth a visit. Of particular interest to me is a wing devoted to rural electrification. The tremendous uplift in the lives of rural residents with the arrival of electricity is a neglected part of our national history, IMO.

Passing by Ft Morgan, saw vehicles entering the I-76 Speedway grounds. I need to get out there at least once this year. Just a ½ mile dirt oval with locals racing home made cars but savage driving and lots of action.

Finally, a political comment using a meme lifted off Falsebook.

And one swiped from OldNFO.

As always, YMMV.


LL said...

Thanks for the road trip update, WSF. You seem to be feeling better - and that's a good thing.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One day it is two steps forward and the next one step back. Progress at any age is chancy and I'm most definitely a senior citizen. I enjoy medium distance driving trips. Today's was 208 miles. I drive and look. The radio and/or sound system stays off. I most enjoy getting paid!

drjim said...

Looks like you had a very pleasant trip, WSF. The furthest out on the 14 I've been is Ault, where we turned onto US85N, and then to County Rd 86W to get your friend's ranch. Still want to get out to Pawnee Grasslands and see the buttes. Your route was interesting, as US6 runs through Joliet!

And we've been meaning to get down to the Colorado Speedway near Dacono to see some real grass-roots racing, also like where I grew up. More and more I feel like I'm back "home" here. And I must be getting to be a local, as we were at a clan birthday party today, and the men folk were talking about places around here 40~50 miles away, and I knew where they were. Gotta find some REAL tractor-pulls, too.

The Overland Trail Museum sounds fascinating. That just got put on the list. I noticed a sign for the "Old West Museum" up in Cheyenne today, and that sounds like it might be interesting.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Haven't visited the Cheyenne one but have visited the on at the train depot. There are two aviation museums in the Springs I want to visit.

Sisty and I have watch the Colorado Speedway. Paved track and several different classes run there.

I must confess I've never been to a tractor pulling contest.

LSP said...

What great looking country! Horse country... and your photos make me want to ride off into it. Mind you, my hip might not be so keen.

Good electricity point. There's some in my churches who remember times without it and they're glad of the invention. How long will it last? With the present gang of clowns in charge, who knows.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The area from Briggsdale to Sterling is high plains prairie. During the Dust Bowl, most of the farms were abandoned. Uncle Sam bought them back from the homesteaders, removed the structures, and created what is now the Pawnee Grassland. You can ride a horse all day there if you want.!ut/p/z0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zijQwgwNHCwN_DI8zPyBcqYKBfkO2oCABZcx5g/?position=Not%20Yet%20Determined.Html&pname=Arapaho&ss=110210&navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&pnavid=null&navid=170000000000000&ttype=detail&cid=fsm91_058278

As you travel Hwy 14 you will see a sign, "No services next 60 miles". Yes, I can hear Texans laughing. AAA service providers will laugh right back and tell you of the many vehicles with Texas plates they have serviced.

Old NFO said...

Another place to add to my list to visit! At least that bug didn't land DIRECTLY in front of your face on the windshield! That's what usually happens to me as soon as I pull out... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

For you Western writers, nearby was a significant Indian fight, the Battle of Summit Springs in 1869. Broke the back of the Cheyenne tribe. The site is on private land and the owners, tired of jerks, have blocked access except by invitation.

Excellent account of the battle is, Sound the Charge by Richard Weingardt. Library of Congress Number 78-54321. I have a copy I can loan.

Old NFO said...


Coffeypot said...

You faith in me has been renewed... I am on another 7 day suspension on FB for posting Sig Heil comment. Hate speech, ya know.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Stop it! The bunk next to the cold stove in the reeducation camp is mine.