Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Slice of Daily Life


A slice daily of life in a small city.

Stories taken from the local rag, excuse me, newspaper.

This is a real jowl shaker. I drive that section of 10th Avenue daily. That section has no obvious dangers. Very wide, multi-lanes and few side streets. Heart attack?

Small city but we still have a criminal element.

Even 100 years ago.

Chief Ben Florance is in the news again. This time, he and his son were leaving the house early in the morning to go fishing, but they then discovered the chief’s auto had been stolen. The chief said he didn’t think anyone would want that ramshackle auto. It has no fenders, no windshield and no taillights.

COVID gets all the headlines but there is other nastiness out there.

I know a man that had this and he was flat on his back for two weeks.

Speaking of COVID, not all health care folks are on board.

One of many reasons I support our local peace officers.

This is not “woke” country and this piece of shit won’t be getting a slap on the wrist. President Trump carried this county with 70% of the vote.

While not strictly local, this is good news.

This was accomplished by the Colorado Department of Transportation with no help from either the Feds or Emperor Polis and the Boulder Mafia, excuse me, (P)regressives. It is heartening we still have good state employees.


drjim said...

And none of our electeds bothered to get some I-70 money into the trillions of pork that just got crammed down our throats.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Only Boebert (her district) and Buck even tried.

drjim said...

Yep. Didn't Boebert start a specific "emergency" bill to get I-70 repair funds?

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the updates, yes, good people DO make things happen!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Those are the same people keeping the roads open in blizzards. Since the ()(*&( politicians in this state haven't passed a budget in six years, I'm amazed we even have passable roads.

Sisty said...

I am going to disagree with WSF regarding the State of Colorado Budget. The State Legislature is constitutionally required to pass a balanced budget every year. Here is the language of the amendment.

Constitution The general assembly shall provide by law for an annual tax sufficient, with other resources, to defray the estimated expenses of the state government for each fiscal year.

Article 10, Section 2:

Article 10, Section 16: No appropriation shall be made, nor any expenditure authorized by the general assembly, whereby the expenditure of the state, during any fiscal year, shall exceed the total tax then provided for by law and applicable for such appropriation or expenditure, unless the general assembly making such appropriation shall provide for levying a sufficient tax, not exceeding the rates allowed in section eleven of this article, to pay such appropriation or expenditure within such fiscal year. This provision shall not apply to appropriations or expenditures to suppress insurrection, defend the state, or assist in defending the United States in time of war.

This constitutional amendment was passed by voters in a General Election many years ago and is still in effect.

I am sure that WSF will have some comment about my post. I simply wanted to put the correct information into the conversation.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Much to my chagrin, Sisty is correct.

The courts will decide on the legality of the (P)regressives evading TABOR by calling taxes "fees".

sisty said...

Don't mess with me and Colorado politics. I have been at it much longer than you. TABOR is an entirely different kettle of fish. The other side has tried to sidestep TABOR in the past. Hopefully, someday it will be rescinded for the good of all of the citizens of Colorado.

LSP said...

Good local rag round up. Here, population 8k(?) it's mostly DeShaun and Garcia getting sent down for YEARS for possession of... intent to... etc. The rare murder, quite a lot of theft, sometimes pedo but mostly small/mid level drug stuff.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We will continue to disagree without being disagreeable. TABOR for ever!

We have the usual drug scene crime. Vehicle theft, petty theft, etc. and the local gang scene.