Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Interesting Times


This is a Northern Colorado specific blog posting. You may want to skip it.

Article in the local rag is, IMO, cause for alarm. Inbound migration to Weld County from the Peoples Republic of Boulder may skew future elections from Red to Purple or even Blue.


Outside of District 50, that contains a large portion of the county seat (Greeley), most of the county votes conservative, as in 70% for President Trump. District 50 encompasses the Teachers College, excuse me, University of Northern Colorado. Recent elections have seen (P)regressive gains along the western and south western areas.

Weld County is home to 50%+ of Colorado’s oil and natural gas production. Emperor Polis and co-conspirators are already having a negative impact on the industry. In addition to evil petroleum, the (P)regressives foam at historic balanced budgets and, IMO, one of the best Sheriff department and traditional courts. Serious crimes do not get slaps on the wrist or plea bargained to minor misdemeanors.

Surrounding South and West side counties have a population in excess of 1,256,000 to Weld County at 314,000. Add nearby Denver County with 716,000 and it gets bleaker.

Potential civil war strategic position? Two of the three Interstate Highways in the state run through Weld County. Three of the five interstate railroads run through Weld County.

Should the Weld County, WY movement ever succeed, “things” could get interesting. Most of the sparsely inhabited counties to the east (which account for nearly 40% of the state’s agriculture) would welcome an opportunity to join Weld County, WY.


Lots of naysayers about the chances.


I’m not so certain. Will it happen peaceable? Oh, Hell No!  That doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

I fear we are living the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”.


Sisty said...

Many folks that live along the border of Weld County have discovered that the WC side of the street has lower property taxes & less government regulation. That is another reason folks move to WC. Also, as the article points out, the net birth/death rate in Boulder County is dropping.

drjim said...

I'm sure taxes are lower because of prudent management and a lower population density requiring fewer service providers.

And a strong tax base from the petroleum people helps, too.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

If you see me in Boulder city or county it is because someone is paying me.

I think the tax revenue from the energy industry covers a lot of mismanagement. It is government, after all.

Old NFO said...

And as soon as that money from the petroleum industry goes away, then what???

Well Seasoned Fool said...

We can only hope enough voters come to their senses and wote out the (P)regressives. Likely? No, that is why I keep looking at COLOEXIT.

LL said...

Will Colorado balkanize? I can't say - but I doubt that they'd let a cash cow go to Wyoming.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Politically, the state is balkanized. The Constitutional Republic concept our country adopted was set up so rural areas didn't become de facto slaves to cities. The Colorado constitution is similar. Back when the GOP had their shit together, TABOR (taxpayer bill of rights) got passed. The (P)regressives way around that is "fees". Keeps the courts busy.

The best brake at the moment is the Senate where the Dims have a slim majority. Per the Colorado constitution, a certain number of Senators need to be present for a quorum. If a few GOP Senators do attend, nothing gets passed (not a new tactic, Texas comes to mind).

With 64 counties, Colorado can get very weird, politically.

You are correct in your assessment the cash cow won't be let go without a fight.