Saturday, May 8, 2021

Wingman for a Dog

Whenever Banner is in the blog, the stat count zooms. Seems I’m a wingman for a blasted dog! My handsome visage and sparking personality is ignored.

At the dog park most of the regulars know his name. Me? Eh!

In our ninety unit senior apartment building he is the Ambassador of Smiles. I’m tolerated. Keeping score one day, I counted twelve different people who petted him.

Our morning routine is his breakfast, then out back to the plaza/lawn area. Business taken care of, it is inside to the commons area where the “Treat Lady”, aka Coven Leader awaits. After several treats and some quality petting, I’m allowed to return to the apartment for “my” breakfast and coffee.

He has competition for treats.

After a brief nap, he will allow me to take him on our morning walk. On nice days he prefers to take this nap on the deck in the sun, or, wherever he pleases, especially if it is in my way.

Walking, unless we change routes, he soon becomes bored and just trudges along. More than one neighbor has pointed this out. Eyes are everywhere around here. Many are quite pleased to be advocates for Banner and advise me on how to treat him.

One of our afternoon walk routes takes us by a few homes with children. We are required to stop so they can pet him.

I’m loath to even think how he is spoiled when he spends time at my sister’s house.

He savages chew toys. Items like rawhide chews he will eat completely in ten minutes.

Overall he is a great companion and I believe I won the dog lottery. We are 1 ½ year into our relationship. He has had exactly one accident in the apartment.  He rarely barks.  Now he has me fairly well trained, things are going well.

Please understand he is Bruce Banner, not the Incredible Hulk Banner. He is, for lack of a better description, a wimp!  He remains terrified of tile floors and Chihuahuas intimidate him.

My apology for the weird pictures. I’m still using Windows 7 and Blogger doesn’t like that.


LL said...

You're a good wingman for Banner, you feed him on schedule, you walk him on schedule, and by you handling the administrative duties, he's able to meet his people, his public.

And you don't disturb his naps. Naps are critical to good health.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Is it wrong to be jealous of your dog?

drjim said...

You BOTH won the doggie lottery.

I can personally vouch for Banner. He's a drjim certified Good Dog!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Banner vouches for you. While he will let anyone pet him, he doesn't go up to everyone like he did with you.

Greybeard said...

Our Standard Poodle used to lay his head on my foot while I was sitting. I'm convinced he did that so he knew the instant I started to move somewhere. I suspect Banner lying "in your way" is a similar tactic.
Dogs are wonderful. We lost our Lucy to CA a year ago and miss/think of her every day.
God giving them such short lifetimes is an unfair deal. I'm angry with him for it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

For decades my lifestyle kept me from having a dog; I wouldn't have been able to give them a good life. Maybe the best part of being "retired" is having Banner.

Old NFO said...

Welp, you're getting YOUR exercise too, which is a good thing! And dogs truly ARE man's best friend (as long as you feed them, pet them, etc.) :-)

Ami said...

I still want another dog someday. Seeing Banner makes me smile. If you didn't have him, would you be out and about as much, socializing and you know, speaking to other humans?

He's very good for you, too. He won the people lottery.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

He isn't that keen on exercising unless it is running around the dog park. I'm the one determined to exercise.

Speaking to other humans? Probably not.