Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Doubling Down On Stupid

A Colorado politics rant. Long and windy. You are warned.

Why am I still a registered Democrat?  Part of it is knowing your enemy. Mailings and emails keep me up to date on the various ass clowns inhabiting the (P)regressive wing. As an example, this email from a Shillary clone running for governor. I can’t find a single verifiable fact in it.

Subject: PETITION: Protect Colorado's public lands from President Trump

Today I join you in celebrating Earth Day. For almost 50 years, April 22 has been dedicated to honoring our environment and advocating to protect it.
And here in Colorado, our belief in protecting our public lands and our open spaces makes Colorado the place we all love.
But in Washington, Donald Trump has a different view.
Donald Trump sees public lands as a resource to be sold off to the highest bidder, putting our lifestyle and recreation economy at risk. Can you imagine The Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain National Park or Browns Canyon National Monument being sold to the highest bidder?
Coloradans see things differently than Trump. We know our public lands and beautiful open spaces define who we are. It’s what makes Colorado special, and is a vital part of our strong economy.
My family, like many of yours, loves and uses our beautiful public lands. Access to these places helps make Colorado the place we love. And we will not go backwards.
Colorado’s treasured lands, our outdoor recreation economy all deserve better than Trump’s misguided approach.
- Cary Kennedy

Note she never uses the word President. Oversight or deliberate?  Congressmen, not President Trump, have advocating selling some public land, and transferring more to the States.

You start wondering if (P)regressives  would recognize a fact if it bit them in the ass. All feelings, all the time, seems to be their style. Should you question their ‘feelings’, you are a despicable racist, misogynist, privileged oppressor. (Missed some labels here, I’m sure)

Her formal announcement she is running for Governor drew national scorn. Or is any publicity good publicity?

I would pay good money to watch her take her act to Northwest Colorado and ask for the votes from my coal mining relatives (of both sexes). No, she will stay in those areas known for turning Colorado purple. Splendid opportunity May 6 in Maybell as the Sombrero Horse Drive takes place. Vendor spots are only $20.

She is up against some serious Democrat heavyweights. She might be a good fit for them as a candidate for Lt. Governor. Nasty primary fight brewing?


Colorado went for Shillary. What I find interesting is the usual reliable Democrat counties, like Pueblo, went for Trump.

I’m reconciled to the prospect of another Democrat governor. The Blue Dog Democrats are nearly extinct and the GOP is a Jeb! club.

Thank God for TABOR (and Douglas Bruce).

I don’t vote for any candidate by party alone. I vote for politicians who have a philosophy, and record, of giving people a hand up, not a hand out.

That said, any politicians that is in any way anti 2nd Amendment won’t get my vote. Why the hell do they waste their time? Oh yeah, makes for great stump speeches. Gives the impression they ‘are doing something’.

In 2015 Colorado had 172 homicides. About 114 involved a firearm. In 2015 there were 547 traffic deaths. Per the people on the front line, distracted driving was the main culprit. About 125 were donorcycle deaths. Seems to me to be a much bigger problem, one that should be a lawmaker priority.

Please let me turn over a large rock: Pensions, government and teacher pension funds in particular. Mathematics is exact, and the math says these funds are not sustainable. You rarely hear calls to investigate the crooks who run them. Think Cary Kennedy will touch this topic? Only to put the burden on the general taxpayer is my guess.

My favorite Colorado Governor was John Love. A Republican, he served from 1963-1973. Often you would see, parked in the his reserved parking spot at the Capitol, a dented GMC pickup, bits of loose hay in the bed, and a personalized license plate reading GUV LUV. The current crop of (P)regressives couldn’t carry his hay fork IMO.
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