Saturday, April 15, 2017

Biannual Bitching

Every other year we folks in selected Colorado areas are forced to spend time and money fulfilling ecofreak’s  wet dreams. Referring, of course, to having your vehicle’s emissions checked before you renew your license plates.

This is a defacto poor tax in several ways.  Poor people drive old, high mileage clunkers. The cost of the test. The time off work as the testing stations aren’t open in the evening hours. The cost of repairs needed to pass the test. Look for the sign and bend over.

Three days ago it was necessary to take the elderly Mitsubishi Might Max in for the test. Having spent years selling used cars, know some tricks. The truck’s test result was near new standards. Caused some questioning looks from the testing personnel. 


For once there wasn’t a long line.

The waiting area isn’t palatial or welcoming.

The assembly line.

Didn’t appreciate the test monkey popping the Mitsubishi’s clutch. This was after showing them the location of the catalytic converter, attached to the exhaust manifold, and not under the vehicle in a Mighty Max.

Afterwards, it was mailing a check to the county for $71.72. That is another reason I drive old stuff. Colorado is the only state with a TABOR act and the revenuers find other ways to fund themselves.

Suspicious minds wonder why license plates on newer vehicles are close to a monthly payment. Probably just a coincidence. 

 The only thing I’ve known to knock down the smog along the I-25 corridor is a brisk West wind.

Oh, WSF, you are full of stinkin thinkin.

Yeah? Bite me.

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