Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You Can Buy Them Books, But They Just Eat The Covers

0545, I-25, North Chugwater, WY  Exit, a roadside pit stop was in order.  Off on the service road next to the railroad tracks was a good spot. About 100 yards away was a parked pickup truck with an attached gooseneck trailer.  Nothing unusual, many trucks large and small park there to catch some sleep.

About to finish, I hear short, random beeps. Not quite as loud as a truck horn, but they are coming from the parked pickup. Even with a clear sky and full moon, this 72 year old fat body isn’t walking up to another vehicle in a deserted area. On the cell phone, call 911. (Should add  the WY 511 number didn’t work)

“911, what is your emergency?

“Not an emergency, but a situation that may be a problem”.

“Go ahead”.

So we discuss what I see, hear, where I’m at, where the vehicle in question is at, etc.

Going North to Wheatland, I see the State Trooper headed South with his gumballs flashing followed by an ambulance running code.

My stop, the Wheatland hospital, is small and I enter by the emergency room. Stop to chat with the nurses. They are listening to the scanner. Lurid nonsense about a jackknifed truck/gooseneck pointed South in the Northbound lanes!!!! Clue them in.

My business at the hospital takes awhile. Going back to I-25 I spot a Wyoming trooper pulling into Arby’s drive through. Stop and have a chat. Tell him my version. He laughs. He was the one making the run.

We drive through his zone at the same time six days a week. Our Prius is noticeable with no wheel covers and a fleet license plate. Don’t need police problems.

Not sorry I made the call. Am sorry the 911 dispatcher didn’t listen and made assumptions. Maybe she was bored? 
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