Saturday, June 6, 2015

We Are Getting Hammered

Strangest weather patterns I can remember. Two days ago a Denver neighborhood where my then bride and I had our first house had so much hail the city brought in front end loaders to clear it. Outside the one small area just rain. Other places along the Front Range have had several inches of hail with some hail as big as a baseball.

The Plains have seen many tornados which isn't too unusual except for one that was rotating counter clockwise. The town of Berthoud which lies West of Interstate 25 was hit by a tornado. That close to the foothills in unusual.

The rivers continue at flood stage or above.

Guess Gaia will do as she pleases but if we had a cap and carbon tax in place, per the econazis, this wouldn't be happening. Can we blame it on fracking? No, but if guns were banned, all the irresponsible shooters wouldn't be putting pollutants into the air. All that lead must be reacting with the soil to release methane which is causing this weather. Anyone disagree? 

One ray of sunshine. This will be good for insurance adjusters (You go, Sisty), paintless dent removal shops, windshield replacement specialists,  and roofing companies.
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