Friday, May 15, 2015

Bi-Annual Ass Chaping

A more useless money tick sucking program would be hard to find. Every other year, before you renew your tabs, you must have your vehicle tested if you live along the Colorado Front Range.

The places are staffed by either anal retentive former hall monitors or scruffy high school dropouts. Watching the tester abuse my truck on the treadmill while smirking and laughing with his co-workers made me want nothing more than to throat punch the whole bunch. 

Next stop is the county Clerk and Recorder where I can pay double or more than I paid four years ago for the same vehicle.
The Democrats have problems raising taxes due to the state Constitution so they gleefully raised every damn fee they could find.

As to the Recorder's office, those people are about as good as you can hope for with government employees. 

So, here is to the end of this cry, piss, and moan.  

ADDENDUM: Colorado specific - stinks, no reeks, of corruption.
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