Thursday, March 5, 2015

Toyota Prius? Not Impressed

A 2015 Toyota Prius with 5,000 miles on the odometer, 1,500 by me, is a disappointment. Toyota is slipping.

Some observations. A very rough ride. You feel and hear all the road imperfections. Although new, it has rattles. The car gets blown around by the wind. After driving in heavy snow, I opened the hood to add washer fluid. The engine compartment was filled with snow. Given all the electrical components in the car, all that moisture can't be good for long term reliability. You can only speculate some of  that snow has road salt/magnesium chloride mixed in.

The headlight covers soon get covered by road gunk to the point the road isn't adequately illuminated. Made of plastic, they should be cleaned with a cloth, not paper, as paper will scratch plastic.

In less than thirty miles driving in blowing snow, the taillights are nearly obscured with clinging snow. My guess a lot of Prius drivers will get rear ended.

Observed mileage in a mix of city and highway is around 40 mpg.

The car is provided by my part time employer. My heart procedure last August has cost well over $100,000. I've decent insurance but the deductibles and co-pays add up. This job will be about a six-month fix.

ADDENDUM:  This post has over 400-page views, the most I've ever had on a single post. Must have hit a search engine lotto.
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