Friday, March 27, 2015

About Time, VA Edition

Although I no longer live in his district, I receive Mike Coffman (R) 6th Congressional District news letters. He is the VA’s harshest critic. He has introduced legislation, "No buildings, no bonuses” that should be a model for all Federal Agencies.

From a recent newsletter.

First and foremost on reform, the bill I introduced makes sure this never happens again by stripping the VA from having any authority to ever manage another major construction project again. Under my legislation the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will manage all future VA hospital projects. Building large-scale projects on time and within budget is their core competency. It is clearly not for the VA.

Secondly, my bill is deficit-neutral by prohibiting VA bonus payments until the Aurora VA hospital is fully operational. Currently the VA is authorized to spend $360 million a year on bonuses and in the 2 1/2 years it will likely take to finish the Aurora hospital, the bonus funds can cover the entire shortfall that exists due to cost overruns. This provision protects taxpayers and focuses the VA’s mission on where it should always be — veterans, not itself. 

What a concept. Your agency isn't doing it’s job, you don't get any bonuses.

Last election cycle, he was the only candidate who received a campaign contribution from me.

Maybe some day I will figure out this whole font thing. 

My representative? Ken Buck. As a freshman he seems determined to suck up and go along 100% with the RINO leadership. Glad I didn't vote for him. That was one race choice I left blank.
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