Friday, March 13, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

Where I compare anti gun (P)regressives with anti gay zealots.

A friend from high school days and I have coffee from time to time and discuss politics. While we seldom agree, we disagree without being disagreeable. In fact, I admire and respect the passion she brings to her points of view. She has literally put both her physical, social, and professional well being on the line many times. Once I was talking about firearms rights and she interjected, “What about my right to feel safe”?

That is precisely the problem. One person’s rights ends where someone else’s feelings begin. We are a nation of some 310,000,000 or so with a firearms death rate, minus suicides, of around 20,000 a year. That is statistically insignificant (unless you or a loved one is among the 20,000). Yet enormous funds and efforts are expended to ban firearms. Let us not delude ourselves, “common sense” firearm control measures are just a step towards outright bans.

Homosexuals make up about 3% of the population from what I read. From what I read, their orientation is hard wired; that is the way they are. Although I can’t find hard numbers, say another 10% of the population is gender ambivalent. Yet again enormous funds and efforts are expended passing laws that are not enforceable. Again, not to delude ourselves, religious beliefs are behind most of the anti homosexual efforts.

What is wrong with just leaving people the hell alone to get on with their lives? Answer?  Hate.

People seem to have a need to gather themselves into groups where hate is socially acceptable, even worthy of praise, within the group. They are not content unless forcing dominion over others and demanding everyone embrace their values and world view. Usually mixed into the brew is a financial benefit to some in the group or the ability to operate without getting shot.

An armed society is an egalitarian society. 

I cannot say homosexuals have directly impacted my life. Could be I’m just not that attractive. What has impacted my life through relations with family and friends are pedophiles. Strangely, most of the pedophiles were bent heterosexual.

I believe I have a right to defend my physical safety to include others who may be around me. I have no right to not feel uncomfortable when someone else’s rights are in question. Tolerance is the principal here.  YMMV
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