Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So here goes WSF opening himself up for a shitload of criticism.

Vaccinate your kids, measles epidemic, idiot parents, and settled science shout the headlines and news stories.  Settled science? Where have we heard that before?

When you watch one of your children go from a happy bubbling toddler to a withdrawn barely functioning human, you start looking for answers. You don't find them, but you remember just a few weeks before the change, this child had multiple inoculations and then developed a high fever and was sick for several days. The child who grew into an adult still deals daily with socialization problems and sensory abnormalities.

Now Dr. WSF makes some rash statements. Vaccines are a shock to the immune system. Not all immune systems are equally strong. Not all vaccine producers are as concerned with their quality as they are with their bottom line. Using mercury, in any amount, as a preservative is criminal. Multiple inoculations are a convenience for the health care providers with the side motivation to "get them while we can because they might not come back".

Where can you find the largest group of healthy, fit adults? How about the armed forces. Perhaps after he retires I can talk my 68W Army Medic son into writing something about vaccinations, especially anthrax, and the problems he and his fellow medics deal with. Hopefully, he will share how he has handled the issue with his five children.

I encourage all veterans to think back to basic training days when we lined up, had both arms swabbed, and the pressure guns injected us. Remember those men who made a few steps and then hit the ground and the medics on duty hauled them away? Remember that some never came back to our units?

I do advocate vaccinations,  in general. I do believe there are safer ways to administer them than the current practices and encourage parents to insist on single inoculations spread out over time, especially measles, mumps, and rubella.Yes, a pain in the ass for all concern. What else is new when it comes to raising children?

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