Friday, February 13, 2015

Gearheads, Something to Break Your Heart

1957 Chevy two-door hardtop with 63,000 showing on the odometer. Unmolested daily driver with one very small rust bubble.
Interior is very clean with new looking carpet. Unknown upholstery but some stitching giving way.

It is not for sale. The owner has turned down many offers. She tells me she and her husband are the original owners. The car has vast sentimental value to her and she is not hurting for money.

Wonder what it is worth? I know there are otherwise intelligent people that are Chevrolet fans who would go crazy for this car. If it was a 1957 Crown Vic I would be the one going crazy.


  1. That's the problem with sentimental value, it doesn't feed you nor does it pay bills. I'd spend a long time looking underneath it.........Mebbe a 20 thousand dollar car at the high end.

    But then....I don't have to tell you that there's an ass for every seat. I like to watch the many classic car auctions and it has only served to show me one important fact. There are some people that have WAY too much money and choose not to spend it wisely.

    1. Excellent points. How many ads include, "$xxs invested"?

  2. Not that any of us have expensive hobbies.

  3. I just wonder how many kids today - or drivers of any age - could deal with 'three on the column'...

  4. Too true. Or a Citroen 2V dashboard push pull shifter.

  5. Very nice to look at. window shopping does not cost a dime. lol