Sunday, February 1, 2015

Failures in Fast FoodI

Grumpy old man rant follows. You have been warned.

Fast food is something I seldom eat. When I do it is usually Wendy or our new Steak and Shake. I've come down with serious crud too many times after eating at Mickey's to make that mistake again (three weeks ago - fool me). Went inside to use the restroom. I hate to be a mooch so I always try to buy something. In this case, a triple burger for $2. Spent the next four days with flu-like symptoms. 

Recently had 45 minutes to kill around 2 pm so went inside a nearby KFC and A&W combo restaurant. The chicken prices were plain stupid, but they had a burger plus drink special and I like their root beer. I ate inside.

Though retired, the many years spent in retail environments have left their mark, so to speak. First thing that made an impression was an employee on her break, sprawled across four stools, and yapping loudly on her cell phone. Her language was vulgar, to say the least. This, in a public area at her place of employment.

Next, I tried to find a clean table. Obviously, nothing had been cleaned since their noon hour rush, no floors swept, no chairs lined up although I didn't see any trash on the floor. 

While using the restroom, I once again was glad I'm a male.

They seemed to be doing a steady business in their drive in window so maybe they don't care about the inside facility.

Why do I care? Probably for the same reason I can't stand to see machinery abused.  A place of business is in the same category. Yes, I'm rapidly becoming a grumpy old man.

This business is close by my new dwelling, but my patronizing again them  probably won't happen.

What has happened to pride in your job? I've had jobs where I was underpaid, but I did the work at a high standard while I looked for something better. My work said who I was, not the cheap bastard who hired me. 

End of rant.


DoninSacto said...

If your're a GOM because of your experience there, then I'm a GOM also. But it seems that polling on this issue is unanimous, so that makes us normal. I always wanted to be normal.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Me normal? Who woulda thunk.

Ami said...

I usually take the time to email whatever corporate people I can when I see something that needs to be pointed out. I try to be polite and straightforward without being obnoxious. Which I am capable of if I don't hate the person I'm addressing. :)

We went into a local fast food place once, and Eric had to use the bathroom. When he came out, I turned to go to the counter and he said, "Nope. We are NOT going to eat here. Ever." He may have included 'the effword' in his statement.

Evidently, while he was in the bathroom, an employee was 'cleaning' it. He used a brush and some cleaner to scrub the urinal and the toilet, then used the SAME brush and rag to clean the sink where people wash their hands.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

He was simply cleaning urinal #2. What was the problem?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Scotty has left a new comment on your post "Failures in Fast FoodI":

What has happened to pride in your job? It's gone the way of the dinosaur, which is what we are, my friend.
Dinosaurs? I hope not.