Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Yard Shootings

Hell yes, I’ll ask the question. Did political correctness play a part in the Navy Yard shootings?


One day after the rampage, authorities were trying to piece together the details of his security clearance. They were also looking for a motive and putting together a profile. XXXX, 34, appears to have had a history of psychological problems and was deteriorating, and military officials said he had a disciplinary record that included insubordination and disorderly conduct.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus plans to order two reviews to examine security procedures at all Navy and Marine Corps installations, a senior defense official told NBC News.

The first will be a “quick look” at physical security requirements of bases, the official said. The second will be a deeper look at both the physical and personal security requirement.
The personal requirements include whether someone is likely to protect classified information and adhere to standard security procedures. The physical review is a deeper look at physical security requirements on a base: swipe access, perimeter security, patrols, etc.

According to NBC News sources, Alexis had been treated multiple times for psychological issues, including sleep deprivation, anger and paranoia. Most recently they said he had been treated at a VA Hospital in New England. 

I will not use this asswipes name, hence the XXXX.

Was someone, or were several someones, afraid to take action ala the Ft. Hood asswipe?

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