Friday, September 13, 2013

Miscellaneous Colorado Observations II

Foothills flooding is beyond serious. Authorities are talking in terms of 100 year and 500 year flooding. Starting at Coal Creek canyon, just West of Arvada/Golden and extending North to Lyons, all the streams are over their banks. Boulder County is especially hard hit. We are not out of the woods, yet. The above picture is looking NNW where Longs Peak, the highest 14,000' peak in Colorado sits. Looking East, lots of moisture, and the clouds at about 1,000' AGL are moving North. That is not our usual weather pattern.

Outside the flood areas, there are many flooded basements. People neglect their roof gutters, or have none, and the ground is becoming saturated. Few people in Colorado buy flood insurance.

The South Platte is still running high. West of Monument, CO, this river drains all of the Front Range. After a huge flood in 1965, two big dams were built in the drainages above Denver, and dikes were built along the river below Denver.

Unusual doings this morning, an Amtrack train on the Union Pacific rails to Cheyenne. Passengers were aboard. The only scheduled service is the California Zephyr, which runs on the BNSF trackage.
This picture was taken around 10 a.m. The Zephyr goes Westbound around 6 a.m. and Eastbound around 7 p.m.

On the other hand, the neighbor's chickens were busy putting their feathers into place.

Once again, the Denver Post has given space to as vile an attack on 2nd Amendment supporters as you are likely to read. MSNBC has linked it.

The article says he is a businessman. Bullshit, he is a professor at the University of Denver School of Business. He inherited his business, that he has someone else run and has had two jobs in the private sector. One was for a firm run by a relative.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, thoughts and prayers for those folks... Hopefully they find those 170+ missing folks!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

For a lot of folks, it is a TEOTWAWKI situation. Communications are out, cell towers not working, roads completely gone, etc. Most of the missing are just out of communications, but a few will be found dead. I remember being in one of these events when I was in the 2nd grade and we lived at Pinecliff, CO. We were isolated for several days.

My sister, the insurance adjuster, is being buried in claims.

Ami said...

I have been involved in a discussion about the recalls on FB. The person who started the discussion is upset because 'recalls should only happen in cases of fraud.'

And my answer is, "They swore to uphold the Constitution. They didn't. They committed fraud."

She's "very sad", because now "What politician will support common sense gun laws?"

Ever just look at someone, decide they're a stupid fuck, try to ignore them, then talk to them anyway?

The circularity is maddening.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

But you don't understand! Their "feelings" trump your facts.

Ami said...

Yeah, if they just wish hard enough it will happen.

The discussion degenerated into talk of rocket launchers and machine guns, since of course that's what all 'you right wingers' want.

I mentioned that laws don't keep criminals from committing crimes. That murder is still illegal, unless you're Jesse Jackson, then it's 'frowned upon'.

I think that may have pissed someone or more than one someone off.

I'll blog it sometime this week. Too good not to share.