Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Wildfires

The air is filled with smoke all across the area. This was yesterday, about 350 miles Northeast of the Front Range fires.

As anyone who has flown into Denver on a hot summer afternoon knows, there is a lot of thermal convection.  That, combined with an abundance of condensation nuclei,  is causing afternoon/evening rains.
Helps air quality East of I-25 but little rain falls in the fire, and fire prone, areas.

Traditional weather patterns bring the seasonal "Albuquerque Low" latter in the summer, which brings moist air from the Southeast. The air is uplifted by the mountains, stalls, and stationary thunderstorms form.   Sometimes this causes huge floods.

Tis a privilege to live in Colorado. The privilege isn't risk free.

As usual, the USDA Forest Service, and the Obama Administration, are questioned.

My negative views about one of the worse managed government agencies, the Forest Service, may be a future blog subject. Will need duct tape available, and EMTs on call,  in case I stroke out if I write it.


Anonymous said...

Questioning the USDA Forest Service is encouraged. They have a history of questionable management. Smokey the Bear has been embarrassed many times. Don't think pointing the finger at Obama Administration is called for this time. (I know that will make you stroke out). The cuts were made before they took office. If not in this circumstance but cuts in the past have impacted all their decisions...right or wrong.


Pens Of The abyss said...

You should write about it. i didnt know you had such strong views on the forest service

Old NFO said...

Yeah, the Forest Service has been BADLY mis-managed...