Saturday, August 14, 2010

Screw You, Overseas Warfighter

Lots of chatter today about States asking for waivers from the MOVE act and suggestions to contact the Pentagon and/or the Department of Justice.

You can read about it at

Far better to put the heat on locally. I live a few blocks from my State Senator and have had many conversations with her. This is the email I sent her.

Dear Senator Hodge,
I am a Brighton resident with a son deploying to Afghanistan.
The MOVE Act signed into law Oct 2009 mandates a minimum of 45 days in which a overseas absentee ballot be sent out. The military had asked for 60 days. There is a provision for states to request a wavier in case of emergency. I am appalled to find Colorado is one of twelve states to request a wavier. What emergency do we have in this state that will prevent timely mailing of absentee ballots?

I will be sending similar emails to my state representative and making a personal visit to my County Clerk and Recorder. This should be a bottoms up issue, not top down.


Anonymous said...

easy answer...the military will vote 72% Republican....the other 28% are black or hispanic democrats

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Reply I received from Senator Hodges

Here is the secretary of state's response to why we had to file a
waiver request:

If you have more questions, let me know,

Thanks for writing,

Mary Hodge

Old NFO said...

Typical try to eliminate military voters... Remember 2000?