Friday, July 2, 2010

More Gutless Wonders

“They can have anything I have” said the 50 ish liberal as his simpering wife looked on. “Nothing we have is worth dieing for” he smugly proclaimed with an air of moral superiority. The couple, recreational hikers, were being interviewed on television. Some tool allegedly tied up a couple who were hiking.

The authorities were warning people, including the two television stars, to be aware. Guess he would also be willing to hold the tool’s testicles off the hot sand while his wife was being raped. Fuck all willing victims; they deserve what happens to their gutless asses.

For what it is worth, the area includes the Peoples Republic of Boulder, CO.


Old NFO said...

Stupid...stupid... stupid... Bet the 'next' incident includes rape/murder...

Anonymous said...

One should be careful not to hurt the tool's little feelings. Ban bleeding hearts from the wild. They only attract flies.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Some people are "well educated." But have still LEARNED little or nothing.