Saturday, June 19, 2010

Frugal or Cheap???

Dirty Al, former Blanket Head, Charter Boat Captain, bail bondsman, repossession agent, and the best car salesman I’ve ever known, has been having some hard years. Major health problems, family problems, financial problems, friends dying and an ugly and unfounded accusation in a local unsolved crime have taken their toll. During it all, he has remained upbeat and has never quit. He is also cheap. I’ve accused him of still having his third grade lunch money.

Within a month he should receive a tidy sum of money; enough to last him whatever years he has left. He has decided to put a new windshield in his thirty year old Geo Metro and paint one fender with a spray paint can. He asked me if I think using two cans is extravagant. I told him not if he didn’t use masking tape but masking tape plus two cans is extravagant.

This is a lame post. So much of the news and HOPEANDCHANGE is depressing, I need to find something upbeat and humorous. I’m so happy for Dirty Al. We go back a long ways and have always had each other’s backs.

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Old NFO said...

There's some history :-) And yeah, everything else pretty much sucks...