Friday, June 11, 2010

Waste and Stupidity; Government Style (But I Repeat Myself)

Went to the Aurora, CO, Social Security Office this morning. Pleasant experience as these things go; in and out in forty minutes with task accomplished. While waiting, noticed these two hard working individuals.

Folks, every service window in this place is made of 6" clear plastic. All doors are hardened to bank standards. The building is ten blocks from a police station. Why are two armed guards needed? What is the cost? Is this standard in every Social Security office in the country?

If an armed presence is needed in these offices, why not draw from the existing staff? Extra pay, a good training program, and ARMED! Should save a lot of money.

I'm no security expert. Just as a mental exercise I formulated an assault plan. First, take out the two guards pinned in a corner sitting on their asses. Next, using a ladder brought for the purpose, lift out one of the ceiling panels and drop over the "armoured" wall.

Consider the two guards. Want to put me in hell? Make me do that kind of "work". At some level, they must understand how useless and unneeded they are.


Old NFO said...

AND it looks like they are not even paying attention to the doors... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are playing nice as usual. I'm sure that they are thankful for a job. Grey haired or blue haired elderly can be quite frightening. I would want protection from them if I worked there.


Anonymous said...

They look like there big plans for the day is lunch.