Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unhappy Customer?

Another car lot story. We had a previous customer visit our lot in an unusual way. The four lane street in front of our lot had a very high crown causing vehicles to drift to the right. Between the sidewalk and our fence was room to display three vehicles between our two entryways. One evening we watched a S-10 pickup drift from the inside lane to the curb and into our driveway without slowing. He hit the first vehicle, a Toyota pickup, squarely in the rear pushing it into the back of a Chrysler Le Baron which hit a Ford Probe. We later learned the driver had purchased the S-10 from us. Running up to the wreck, I could see the driver flopping around in his seat belt; he had a grand Mal seizure. After contacting 911, the dispatcher started asking questions. She told me it was important to keep the man from swallowing his tongue and she could talk me through the procedure. I could hear sirens approaching so I told her I wasn't sticking my fingers into any stranger's mouth. While she was discussing my attitude, the professionals arrived. His seat belt had saved him from serious injury and he was soon on his way to the hospital. In due course we learned his insurance was lapsed. We were out our $500 per vehicle deductable plus whatever profit we may have made. Expensive afternoon. We blamed it all on Discount Tires. Click the "Unhappy Customer" post title to watch a video.

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Old NFO said...

Ouch! But... but... The Lightbringer says "everybody" has car insurance... And yeah, that would have killed ANY profit on a used car.