Monday, September 14, 2009

Facing Reality

The following is a copy of a comment on posted by "Glenn Ford".

The left and right and middle have irrational, ignorant and/or violent people.

The left, right and middle also have rational, intelligent and peaceful people.

One who excludes a whole spectrum of political philosophy as being unapproachable and of no value is a politically unsophisticated individual.

Obviously the current us and them dichotomy has been a disaster.

Us and them is always a disaster on any level or in any context one may employ the use of us and them dichotomy.

Rulers have always abused the citizens by having the citizens buy into dichotomies of opposition.

This system has become highly powerful under a split political citizenry and simple mathematical and spiritual and political analysis and logic says a new paradigm of a united citizenry is the only power that will defeat the current corporate strangle hold.

And when one mentions revolution no one should assume violence but the word revolution must become comfortable before the reality of revolution will exist.

I don't agree totally with what he is saying. To borrow a line from former State Senator Ken Gordon, D CO, we spend too much time talking to people who agree with us.

There is a time and place for taking a stand no matter what. Long before that time and place are many times and many places for civil discourse with those with whom we don't agree. It isn't fun, comfortable, or uplifting but it is important; be it a family, a business, an organization or our country. I don't like Obama and will work to see he isn't reelected. Right now, he is the president and this country cannot keep drifting while the world's wolves are circling looking for an opening.


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Nice. He has alot of good points. As sappy as it sounds we need to work together.