Thursday, September 17, 2009

Real Life Cops

Went to a city park tonight for my daily exercise walk. When I pulled into the parking lot (Yeah, I drive to find a place to walk) saw a policeman with his firearm out pointed at a shirtless man prone on the ground. Moments later there were several police cars and ambulances in the lot.

Not wanting to be a distraction, I stayed in my car until they had handcuffs on the man on the ground. Found it interesting the lone officer stayed about ten feet from the man being cuffed until help arrived. He maintained his distance until the second officer had the handcuffs secured.

Avoiding the activity, I started my 1.4 mile loop. When I came back to my parked car they were still there. The handcuffed man was sitting on his butt and there seemed to be an animated discussion taking place. The ambulances were gone.

I was quite curious but decided to MMOB, walked to my car, and left.

This is probably a boring blog but it has been an uneventful week.

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Old NFO said...

Much better to be safe than sorry... Unobtrusive works when the cops have guns out! :-)