Friday, April 17, 2015

Springtime In The Rockies

Sherman Summit on Interstate 80 between Laramie and Cheyenne. Photos are credited to the Wyoming State Patrol.
My sister, the Insurance Adjuster, and her office are there doing the necessary aftermath work. 

Sitting fifty miles South, we are receiving much needed rain with a small amount of snow mixed in. We are blessed.

Sherman Summit is about 8,200 ft asl, and is the highest point on the Union Pacific railroad. 

Interstate 80 through Wyoming is challenging. West to East, from Evanston to Lyman,  there are three climb and descent sections usually called, "The Three Sisters".  

From Creston Junction to Rawlins is a section infamous for high wind blowovers. 

East of Rawlins to Laramie is Elk Mountain. Year around black ice (I once hit some late at night in July), winter blizzards, and high winds. Once observed a pickup with a fifth wheel RV blown over while parked on the shoulder near Anderson.That day was so windy the tailwind gave my Lincoln Town Car 31 mpg instead of the usual 22.

From Laramie to Cheyenne is Sherman Summit. The portion around Buford, while not as steep, is prone to ground blizzards.

Cheyenne to the Nebraska line? You are not home free, Bubba. High winds and black ice has closed that Section of I-80 many times.

Over the years I've driven on I-80 countless times, and even before on US 30. The truckers who make their living running that route have my upmost respect and admiration. As for outright guts? The Wyoming State Patrol  troopers!

ADDENDUM:  Video here.


  1. That is a scary road on a GOOD day... And you're right, kudos to those who 'work' that road!

    1. I flinch every time I pass a trucker pulling triples. Then you think of those Australian truckers pulling trains. Better drivers than I ever was, on my best day.