Thursday, April 2, 2015

Much Ado About Nothing Important

I truly admire bloggers that can put up something everyday. My output seems to go in spurts and recently the spurter has been dormant. The lead off picture was just to catch your attention.

How about some random thoughts?

Do you need to be a long time Colorado resident to savor the sight of a two car collision where one car has California plates and the other Texas? What would it be in Wyoming, Fargo? A greenie and a saint?

Two days ago saw a mother with a toddler in one arm at Wally World. The toddler was tugging at his mother’s top partially exposing her underwear. That reminded me of another case a few years ago at a local King Soopers (Kroger’s). Said mother had a toddler in one arm and sacks of groceries in the other hand when her little darling pulled her top down. The mother wasn't wearing underwear. Being the gallant sort, I stepped forward to assist and carried her groceries to her car for her. She was very embarrassed. I said to her, “If that is the worst your child ever embarrasses you, you will have a blessed life”.

The Prius I’m driving now has 12,000+ miles of fleet service. I’m even less favorably impressed. Usually I can warm up to almost any vehicle but this one leaves me cold. One part of my route requires me to accelerate from a right turn at a stop sign to 65 mph in the merge lane of a four lane highway. The acceleration is adequate but the car, by today’s standards, is noisy. It rides no better than my ancient import pickup. My three nights a week drive is usually under 200 miles. That is good because I can't find any seat setting that is comfortable.

We've had a very mild winter. I hope we don't pay for it this summer with a hot and dry drought. Driving around, I'm happy I'm not a dry land farmer. Maybe I'm just dumb,  as all of the tractor/implement dealer lots are full.

The low crude oil prices are having a local negative impact. The local economic forecaster types say every rig equals about 100 jobs and many are shut down. I've had two recent calls asking me if I want to help doing repos. Sorry, not interested.

My landlady is mid 40’s and does all the heavy and dirty maintenance. She is a very hard worker. The other day she was dressed up to go out on a date. Wow! As Crocodile Dundee would say, “She scrubs up nice”.

My youngest son and family are settled in upstate South Carolina. They are in their house and he is working his promised job. The grandkids seem to like their schools and the youngest is in a preschool program. He gets to walk out to the bus stop with his siblings every morning. I'm so happy for all of them.

Saw the quack today for a ninety day follow-up. No big problems detected but some adjustments to prescriptions seemed to be in order. There was some initial concern about my extreme weight loss until the Medical Assistant figured out the digital scale was reading out kgs instead of lbs. As usual, the visit ended with the PA’s standard admonishment, “Stop getting old”. Wonder why the Physician Assistant reacts to a smart ass patient by being a smart ass herself? Inquiring minds, etc.

I should be getting worked up over the Lightbringer’s S.C.O.A.M.F administration but it all seems  SSDD (same shit/different day). Depressing, it is. Once again the shits want to hurt veterans which hits close to home with my youngest son’s situation.

Is there some parallel to the idea that love of country is akin to love of a bad significant other? Just how deep does loyalty go? Damned if I know. YMMV


  1. Glad things are working out all around...

  2. Somewhat boring, but I'm not complaining.

  3. I rented a Chevy Malibu on my recent Chicago trip. Never could get comfortable in it. It also has that auto-off feature where the engine turns itself off if you stop for any length of time (red light, etc.). It starts itself automatically when you take your foot off the brake. Drove me crazy...

    1. My sister rented a Malibu for a trip to Reno. She liked the traction control but nothing else.

    2. My sister rented a Malibu for a trip to Reno. She liked the traction control but nothing else.

    3. Always good to find something positive.

  4. You know what? I like your random. It is awesome to get you on the fly. Now...about that Prius...lmao. You know how I feel about them. You know Greenies are reserved for Colorado peeps. California and Wyoming...we don't have much use for either. :) Tee hee Cue the haters now because I think you have a lot of Texan fans.

    1. My Millbillie relatives have harsh things to say about Utah and Southern Idaho drivers.

      Texans are seldom lacking in self esteem, but are flustered when others don't immediately recognize their awesomeness.