Friday, April 10, 2015

#@%^$&^** Construction

The home city has two of the four lane N-S arterials I most often use tore up. Of course, the damn sheeple just plod along texting and picking their noses. Alternate routes, which I take, are all two lane city streets which take more time. 

For my sins, have spent the last two days in Fort Collins. Leaving Northbound I-25 at the North end of Fort Collins is Mulberry aka Highway 287 aka Highway 14, a four lane arterial used by those going to Laramie, WY and Walden, CO. The bridge over the Cache la Poudre river is closed Eastbound and is being rebuilt. Say you want to go to Laramie. North on Mulberry across the river then turn 45 degrees to the right onto Riverside. Parallel the railroad tracks for a few block then another 45 degrees to the right onto College (four lanes) + 287 +14.  College extends about four miles then becomes two lanes. Eventually, you escape into open country. OK, not so bad? On your return, the right lane of College is blocked, Riverside is one lane, and Mulberry is closed. Want to get to I-25? About one mile Southeast down  Riverside, make a 270 degree left turn on Lemay that will take you to Eastbound Mulberry. The traffic is a mix of cars, 18 wheelers, farm trucks, and large pickups pulling gooseneck trailers. Fun, fun, fun!

When I need to go West on I-80 in Wyoming I will drive the extra 22 miles to Cheyenne. That way takes you over Sherman Summit, the highest point on the Union Pacific system at  8,000+ feet but I don't care. My sister, on the other hand, dislikes Sherman Summit. One of the many things we agree to disagree about, and do so disagreeable.

It is going to be a long Spring and Summer.


  1. We solved the issues construction can cause to traffic, down here in Florida. Once a pothole fills with water, we call it a lake and then turn the area around it into a track of homes with prices starting at $350,000......

  2. It's THAT time of year... sigh Of course if you come South, they just do that crap ALL year long...

    1. We all understand the need. It is the application that burns.

  3. Sigh. Road construction. Try expressway closed in Chicago and 2 hours to get through the city. Beat me.

  4. I go out of my way to avoid the entire state.