Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DMV Adventure, WSF gets Schooled

Last week went into the local DMV office to get a printed copy of my driver's record. It can't be, for whatever reasons, done online. The lady informed me the wait was two+ hours. However, I could make an appointment online. Went online, and the first available appointment was  four working days away. Muttering, I went ahead and made an appointment.

Yesterday arrived a few minutes before my scheduled time. The place was packed. After my third attempt at using the touch screen, I received my ticket. While checking my number, it was called!!
Five minutes and $2.20 later, I walked out the door with my print out. Didn't even have time to work up a proper snit.

Although it pains me to say it, sometimes working with the system works.


  1. LOL. The DMV in Wyoming gave me headaches and was TERRIBLE. Nothing to wait 4 hours. Indiana is a piece of cake.

    1. When I was running off site sales, the only place to get a permit was the main zoo at 18th & Pierce in Denver. The dealer window wasn't too bad but the unwashed masses would be there for hours.

    2. There was always one or two uniforms there to keep order.Main office for all the reinstatements, DUIs, etc. were handled.

  2. I'd consider that a MAJOR win! :-)

  3. It was better than a sharp stick in the eye to be sure.