Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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You Dirt People Don’t Know What is Good for You

Since you can’t be trusted to vote for the proper candidates, we need to insure your vote doesn’t matter. Really, it is for your own good! We know better.

Grass Greener Elsewhere?

The Mary Jane sellers in Colorado are hurting. Lots of reasons as detailed in this article. Burdensome regulation and high taxes hurts all business endeavors.


No Fool Like an Old Fool


Probable Search and Rescue Call Out

Office of Emergency Management, San Juan County Colorado

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Jun 5, 2024 at 3:00 PM
Special Avalanche Advisory
A Special Avalanche Advisory is in effect for Colorado’s high country through Sunday, June 9. Several large and destructive wet avalanches occurred on Wednesday. With near-record temperatures on Thursday, June 6, and Friday, June 7, more large wet avalanches are expected. Change your travel plans to avoid steep slopes if surface crusts become unsupportable and you sink into wet, unconsolidated snow or you hear collapsing sounds. These are not normal conditions for early June. Adjust your objectives accordingly. Via 
Colorado Avalanche Information Center - CAIC 

Adventures in Taste

One personal change with age is less enjoyment of taste. When reading of LL’s descriptions of burritos and tacos, or K de T’s discussing drinks, the interest is there but relating isn’t. Never a gourmet, today food is more like fuel. Add missing teeth to add to the problem.

 Circa 1965, we G.I.s drank 4 DM a liter cognac. Someone once gave me a taste of 5 star cognac. Shrug. Peasant.

Each night I wash down 1500mg Acetaminophen with a gin and tonic plus a splash of generic lime juice. My gin comes off the bottom shelf, usually around $14-16 a large bottle. On the top shelf the same size runs $45-60 a bottle.

Do I suffer any angst being cheap? Hell no!

Water Walking

One City facility offers a “lazy river” feature.  Hourglass shaped and 3’ deep, the current is fairly strong. Since the first of the month I’ve been using it most days and the results are encouraging. I’m walking better and my knee pain has lessened.

Poor Banner hates being alone in the apartment and it is now too hot for him to stay in the car (where he is quite content). Two neighbor ladies take turns hosting him for an hour or so. He cowboys up and manfully tolerate staying with them.  The ladies assure me they don’t spoil him.

War on Coal – Wyoming Focus

I like this lady and appreciate her suggestion Boulder, CO show the way to a carbon free world.


 Abused Dog

My oldest son needed a good ass chewing. I used the cell phone. Banner was lying on his day bed nearby. When I went to feed him breakfast he was afraid to come to his bowl. It took several minutes of petting, a short walk, and treats before he realized he wasn’t the one in trouble and became his normal happy state.

Back story. My oldest, 51, has always been autistic. He is fairly high functioning. For several years he has had a cell phone I pay for with unlimited minutes (which he uses, and uses, and uses). May 12th, due to a change of credit cards used to pay the account, his phone was off for six whole hours. Since then he has sent me one to three emails a day about the %#%$%^&* phone.  During this time I have explained, over and over, the problem is solved and is not likely to reoccur. So he starts off my Sunday morning with a email saving he is worried about June 12th and his phone not working.

I called him and ripped him a new asshole. Autistic or not, when his behavior becomes disrespectful, he relishes pissing and moaning, and using Dad as a punching bag, he needs reminding just who he is communicating with. Poor Banner got caught in the blast.

Hail Hell

This is becoming one of the worst Springs in recent years for destructive storms along the Front Range and the High Plains. Last week DIA got hit. Sunday the hail repair specialists had their tents set up in the rental car lots. Sisty tells me Manheim Auto Auction, about eight miles SSE of FIA, has some 4,200 vehicles with hail damage.

Car dealers have two basic choices. Pay through the nose for hail insurance, or gamble. Vehicles with hail damage claims get “salvage” titles. The others? Think many nefarious ways to fix them and sell them without disclosing the damage.

One dealer I know bought them cheap and sold them cheap. All sales, cash. The buyers went to their own financial institutions, got loans, and came back with the cash. AS IS……

Pro Tip: When shopping wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Invest in a cheap mirror with a handle. Bring a flashlight. Always, always wiggle under the dash and use the flashlight and mirror to look for mud and/or water marks. I’ve seen “flood cars” so detailed all traces were gone. The inside of the dash can only be cleaned by removing it. Then, since you are already dirty, look under the vehicle for intact exhaust systems and rust.

Truck frames should be looked at closely. Some have C frame and some have boxed frames. Toyotas with box frames are especially prone to rusting from the inside out. Frames nicely coated are, to me, a red flag. Any sign of rust or fresh undercoating is a signal to have an independent mechanic put the truck on a lift and closely examine it, at your expense. If the seller refuses, walk away.

Veterans Administration

Sorry about these. Maybe someday I'll learn how to remove pictures posted in the wrong place.

6/10 had my annual VA physician visit. I think it is mainly to prove I’m still alive. It must have gone well as I now have an appointment next year.

BP 120/80 Oxygen 92%. Is that too shabby for someone who will turn 80 next month? What is satisfying is I’ve outlived most of my enemies.

Some prescription medicines are all I rely on from the VA. That saves me about $800 a year.

As always, YMMV


drjim said...

I've heard the street price for "Non-Retail" sales is so low that you can get it cheaper behind the bowling alley at midnight.

"When an Idaho man was roughed up by a bison after kicking it while drunk....." This leaves me speechless....

You're not "cheap", you're FRUGAL. Big difference, as you know.

Great article. I like her, too. She speaks the truth!

I was trying to get Luna to sit-and-stay while I filled her water and food bowls. She started to move while I was pouring the food in her bowl, and I barked at her in my best Command Voice to "STAY!" She cowered down and crept away. Now she nose-bumps me at dinner time, and then leaves the room until I call her to dinner! Crazy dogs....gotta love 'em.

The truck took some hits on the bed cover last year, but they're pretty hard to see. I just noticed today it's got some small, minor impact dents on the hood. Welcome To Colorado! And yes, we've had the windshield replaced. TONS of good parts on those damaged vehicles, but the labor cost of stripping them for resale sux. Maybe open a new Pick-A-Part at that location? Rusty Toyotas are nothing new. I think the steel they used on some models came pre-rusted. I looked at around 15 cars when I was Supra shopping. ANYTHING that lived within 10 miles of the beach was rusted. Some that lived at the beach had holes you could put your fist through. The first few times I saw a rusted-through box frame I almost didn't believe it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Dr Jim
I only know one admitted cannibals user. She say non retail is way cheaper and the quality acceptable.

Frugal or cheap? Whatever works.

Wish we had her for a representative. I've sen some YouTube clips of her making swamp dwellers squirm.

I haven't the patience or dexterity to do hail repair.

Old NFO said...

Yep, frugal works... MORE folks need to learn that keeping up with the Jones' is not necessary! And flood cars...sigh...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I don't begrudge those who enjoy things that money can buy. Their money, their lives. I simply don't envy them or feel deprived.

Wild, wild west said...

With those awesome numbers, WSF, you may end up outliving us all!

Finances. You can have it now in partnership with the bank, or you can have it later in partnership with yourself, for less money. "Choose this day who you will serve."

Wild, wild west said...

Aw-right, one more. I was out in Denver after medical marijuana had been legal for a while but before personal use was approved. At lunch, I noticed this professional looking building across the street with a big "Doctor Kush" sign across the roof and the walls festooned with large round white signs with a green leafy plant painted on them. No, I said to my lyin' eyes, it can't be. So, I asked the waitress, is that building over there what I think it is? And she said, yes, it is. You can go in there, get your prescrip on the spot, and smoke up your whole paycheck and not even have to leave the parking lot.

You see that a lot, I asked, and she said, every day, all day. Thus it is that it should be no surprise that you often see Kansas Highway Patrol shooting radar at eastbound traffic coming out of Colorado on I-70, but seldom see KHP shooting radar on the westbound side. The fishing is, apparently, better when you know where the fish are.......

Well Seasoned Fool said...

These 'dispensary's' are everywhere; probably far more than the market justifies. Because of banking laws, it is a cash business and the one place I ventured into had well armed guards. For the record, I have never made a purchase and last smoked around 1968.

Driving a car with Colorado plates subjects you to close scrutiny in adjacent states and I'm diligent in watching my speed.

Vehicles with Wyoming plates coming from Colorado are more likely to be stopped in Wyoming

Circa 1960's Denver had a a liquor store, Harry Hoffman's, that had the lowest prices, by far, of any other store and attracted many out of state customers. Located downtown on Broadway, a elderly lady with an apartment with a great view of the parking lot supplemented her retirement by recording license plates and calling them in to out of state law enforcement. I only learned this while dating one of her granddaughters.

It wouldn't surprise me if something similar is playing out in Colorado.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Barney Frank's last gift to the banks was creating a 'buy in' where the banks can save themselves with their customer's money. Credit Unions can't do that, yet.

The ticker is fine, with an occasional jump start. The chassis, however, doesn't qualify for even a salvage title.