Friday, June 21, 2024

Old Pilots, and Bold Pilots - You Decide


A fatal plane crash at the airport where I learned to fly  many years ago caught my attention. Yes, I’m going to second guess the deceased.


From the article.

The flight data shows the aircraft circling in the vicinity of the airport for 25 minutes before the crash.

The Steamboat airport is tricky. North-South oriented, it is 4,500’ x 100’ with a nasty drop off on both ends. There is a high ridge to the East and a mountain to the South. That said, less than twenty miles West is the Yampa Valley Regional 10,000’ x 150’ with clear approaches.  Twenty miles beyond that is the airport at Craig 5,600’ x 100’. If the pilot had enough altitude to circle for 25 minutes, he certainly could have reached either airport.

Model Citizen – DUI not withstanding?


Sadly, am all too common story. At least he didn’t kill anyone.

Wolves, Again


What is missing is wolves take the easiest prey available. Like domestic calves. What is also missing is wolves don’t have boundaries and will leave National Parks as they please. 

Sister Kink and Hardball Politics

As I’ve written before, I was once her boss. I recommended her for manager of a used car lot we opened in Windsor, CO. There, she became acquainted with Dudley Brown, founder of the Rocky Mountain Guns Owners. She successfully won two terms in the Colorado House of representatives. Term limited, she won an at large Weld County Commissioner. She lost her try during the primary to run for the newly created US House of Representatives seat. Now she is up for re-election. Her opponent is a GOP insider, former wife of Ken Buck, a five term Congressman who decided not to run again.

That picture is certainly unflattering.

My calling her Sister Kink has nothing to do with sex. I never knew, or cared, about her personal life. What griped my ass was her insistence in putting some twisted kink in every car deal. Not illegal, but also unnecessary.

My point of view was; people come to the car lot to buy a car. Let them!

Lori seemed to need to complicate every deal. I should add Lori didn’t appreciate my management style.  In that she had a lot of company. The owner wasn’t a fan of my management style but was a fan of my results.

Will I vote for her? Likely. An outsider with attitude vs the comfortably entrenched appeals to me.

Well Cared For

Pita is one of Banner’s neighbors. She rides around like a queen and ignores Banner. He shrugs, as three other female dogs in the building are all over him when they get the chance.

As always, YMMV



drjim said...

I'd have headed for the strip with the big, long, wide runway. One of the things I was taught in flight training was "How To Crash". My training manuals even had a section on what to do when you have no choice but to get on the ground as quickly as possible. Things like how to land in a plowed field (parallel with the rows), how to go down in heavily wooded areas, water ditching, and lots of other scenarios. My instructor jokingly summed it up as "Hit Something As Soft As Possible, As Slow As Possible".

I'm still mystified about reintroducing wolves. I guess it's going to take some poor little kid getting chewed up to stop this nonsense.

How old is little Pita? Maybe she's just not up to running around. Luna is doing extremely well. She's used to our back yard now, and loves running around chasing a ball or the Frisbee I bought for her. Man, can that dog sprint! And she's getting better at catching things on-the-fly. I don't think she had a big yard to play in before, but she sure loves it now.

And I'm still can't post replies on my blog. I'm pretty sure it started with this last Firefox update, but I don't see anything in the settings. Guess I'll ask for help on the Mozilla forums.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Flying. The article mentioned he had asked for the nearest airport. Bad or incomplete information? The man who taught me was a character. A staunch Seventh day Adventist, he spent time as a missionary pilot in Central America. We did several off airport landings in that old Piper J-4 my Dad and I owned.

Emperor Polis' husband is a radical environazi. The wolf re-introduction was done by voter initiative. One guess as to where the Yes votes came from and the No votes came from?

Pita is a senior dog. Her owner takes her outside, lifts her out to do her business, then puts her back. The post was prompted by my weird humor.

So good to hear that Luna is enjoying her life. Sisty has a big fences yard that Banner enjoys. He isn't a "fetcher".

I stick with Google, poor as it is, because my past forays into other systems was problematic with my skills. If Google is idiot proof then this idiot is in the right place. That is the same reason I have all of AVG's programs. Annoying but almost idiot proof.

Being Right said...

The Lying, Cheating, Hateful, Democrats have done it again, they got President Trump to be a “Convicted Felon”) and by doing so they awakened the Sleeping Giant!
And Grues what? They wound Up Giving Donald Trump the highest approval rating, and the Biggest Treasure Chest since December 2021, according to surveys conducted by polling companies ever!

You would think by now that the "crooked" Democrats would stop trying to put the leading Republican Candidate in "trumped up" lawfare. More are more intelligent people are seeing this for what it is, a banana republic, run by a puppet, dictator, who will stop at nothing to stay in power

Wild, wild west said...

I've known a few sales folk like Miss Kink. Very briefly, they usually don't last long. In truth, I was never shy about politely telling a customer that a machine we manufactured would not do what they needed. But absent those fairly rare occasions, making the sales process one iota more difficult than necessary is just not sustainable.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I first met Lori somewhere around 1995 when we both worked at a Dodge store in Bellevue,WA.
She can sell, is very intelligent, very stubborn and fiercely competitive. Early on Saturday morning the Kia store had us do a six position sales presentation in front of all the sales people who got to critique. I always beat her which pissed her off to no end.
FBA. Feature, the benefit, does that matter to you (acceptance)?

Cynical bedrock customer motivation. How much out of my pocket, how much a month, and will everyone laugh at me for buying it? You best give the customer some bullet points to use when people start ragging on him/her.

"We bought this car because of the 100,000 mile warranty, so we don't have to worry about repairs. Plus, it drives real nice".

jeff d said...

Wish Lori Saine the best.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I voted for her. We will find out next Wednesday.

Old NFO said...

Pols are going to politic… what they do AFTER they get elected is what counts.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

True words.

LSP said...

Always wanted to be able to fly, helicopters especially, but never learned. Hmmmm.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I had several hours of bootleg dual while in the Army. Couldn't get the hang of hovering. Fixed wing, I'm or was, competent. Early years tended on the bold side.