Monday, January 27, 2020

Why We Have the Electoral College

Short  answer;  to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

The climate change boondoggle is an example of the population centers, using their majority, to fuck over the rural areas. Coal is an example. Only the Electoral College prevents this happening in politics.

Please indulge me as I try to draw parallels.

Northwest Colorado, along the Yampa River, has coal deposits in the thousands of feet deep. Much is near the surface allowing for easy, relative inexpensive, strip mining. This has led to the construction of two large electrical generating plants. The resulting jobs have allowed three generations to form families and raise children in relative comfort. Many are my relatives including, for a time, my late father.

The efficiency of the power plants is high and their contribution to pollution extremely low.
For decades Colorado has required strip mines to reclaim the mines after they are closed. People passing through the area will be hard pressed to identify areas that have been mined.

Now under the pressure of the eco freaks the mines and power plants will be closing. The economic impact will create a huge depression for the area.

The Congressman representing that area summed it up well, IMO.

This isn’t just a Colorado problem but is occurring all over the country. Wyoming around Gillette and West Virginia come to mind.

And the tyranny of the majority?  In Colorado the four most populous counties are home to the governor, and every other state office except one, at that one is arguable. He didn’t receive a majority in his home county.

The ripples spread. The Union Pacific railroad, a major coal hauler, forecasts cutting 1,000 jobs and closing various operation centers. The BNSF is facing the same obstacles.

People may say, “so what?”  Well snowflake, since much of what you consume arrives by rail, and transportation costs are passed along, your living costs will go up. And your light bill? Prepare for sticker shock.

In theory, since each state has two United States Senators, rural areas have protection. Doesn’t seem to work out that well as most are oriented to their political party and that agenda. Said agenda isn’t favorable to the rural areas, IMO.

So Shillary won the “popular” vote but was soundly defeated because the majority of states elected their Electors in support of President Trump. That isn’t the first time, or only time, that has happened in Presidential elections. Maybe that is why our country survives. As always, YMMV.


The Egyptian said...

As a farmer in west central Ohio, I keep trying to educate dip shits i know, direct election, the only areas you will see a president campaign is Boston, Philly, New York metro area, Chicago, the lower left coast and Florida. all he needs and you know what they want. FREE

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Question the motives of those who want to eliminate it. You won't like the answer.

Old NFO said...

Gah, that is... frustrating, sad, and UNNECESSARY!!! And you're right, those power bills WILL go sky high, just as the folks income goes in the toilet.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

In the mean time China is on a massive coal fired plant expansion.Do the eco freaks understand we all live on the same planet?

drjim said...

Reminds of the line from "The China Syndrome"....wahtta ya gonna plug yer hairdryer into?

These are newer plants that are VERY clean burning, even considering the coal they're using isn't.

I swear, the eco-nazis and limousine liberals in this state are bound and determined to californiacate it until it turns to shit.

Makes my blood boil.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Why I keep thinking COLOEXIT.