Thursday, July 14, 2016


Old NFO has a post up about Texas shade.

My space at work.  Other employees with dark cars resent my using that space. Since I come to work much earlier than anyone else, boo fucking hoo. Note the step van keeps my vehicle in the shade until noon or thereabouts.

Worked today for the the other driver on my route. He is good people and I’m happy to help him out. Something about his three dogs and a vet. Guess he had to see a man about a dog. (Yeah, yeah, low humor. Get over it).

Rare Wyoming sight.

Beautiful morning around Gurnsey, WY.

With the cloud cover it was around 73 in Kimball, NE. Turned off the A/C and drove with the window down enjoying the fresh air.

Back to Old NFO. He and friends recently made a trip to Chattanooga, TN. A list of friends.

Somehow I keep visualizing an advertisement with R. Lee Emery delivering the final line, “Someone picked the wrong vehicle to carjack”.


  1. First one there gets their 'pick' of parking places...LOL I know people that go in early for 'just' that reason. And yeah, it would have been the WRONG vehicle to try to carjack... :-)

    1. That Bronco is old and rough but the A/C is ice cold and powerful. Parked where it is I'm comfortable before I'm out of the parking lot.

  2. I have a friend that was "almost car jacked". She pulled up to a stop sign and a guy stuck a knife in her window. She said "what do you want? He came back with "your car". "So?" "I'll stab you" "Not if I blow your brains all over the street with this .45" He stood there like a statue. She whispered "Run", and he did.

    1. Good that your friend had the means to protect herself and the gumption to use it.