Sunday, July 3, 2016

1st Amendment

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I feel like exercising my 1st  Amendments rights. Warning to readers; one of my rambling, nearly incoherent posts with a heavy dose of Colorado interest political stuff. You may want to spend your time with the bloggers on my sidebar. Much better writers and much more interesting.

No secret the FBI has been investigating and infiltrating white conservative groups for decades. The excuse is almost always racism. For example, from their own publication.

A friend who moves in some of the III Percent type organizations said, if not for infiltrators, confidential informers, and agent provocateurs most groups couldn’t muster enough members to fill a small town MacDonalds. One of many reasons I stay far, far away from them.

In the forefront you have the Southern Preposterous Lie Center (tip of hat to Sipsey Street Irregulars) stoking hate and misinformation.

Seemingly ignored are radical islamists and drug cartels. One wonders why?

Could it be fear? That if the white conservatives really, really got pissed and things like the 100 Heads Life and Casualty Company (again tip of hat to SSI) started taking off the casualties among the “elites”, and the compromises to their lifestyles, would mushroom.

 How many did Timothy McVeigh kill? Lots of high quality instructions via military service has been infused into our society. “Kill people and break their shit” skills.

Another  question.  With police departments gaining more Millenniums,  how many of them have the guts and determination of the retiring silverbacks if they will even join. From Bloviating Zeppelin.
WSF, yes, I am a Silverback and proud of it. I am roughly the last of me, though there are some holdouts that I promoted and polished up so that they may carry on. But LE agencies are already having a difficult time locating adequate recruits and keeping them. They don’t care for the long hours, the poor days off and sacrificing holidays and overtime.

 When “We will not comply”  people start shooting back, how many will have the guts to bust through a door? Elites get their hands dirty? Don’t think so.

I’ve long thought Obama is a bought and paid for creation. Once he leaves office, what future purpose can he serve? Hint. Look at the mileage the collectivists have gotten out of Che Guevara.  Maybe a new fresh (dead) face?

(The above paragraph should guarantee me a place on someone’s shit list. Hey, statist flunky. I’m a broken down senior citizen and little threat to anyone. Really, not even a good writer. Go find some real work)

Moving along, with the primary election over, the GOP Senatorial candidate is an interesting somewhat outsider.

His incumbent Democrat opponent is a first term turd, a carpetbagger with no real ties to Colorado,  whose previous stint as Denver Schools superintendent allowed him to play in the derivative markets with the school’s money leaving the district deeply in debt. He has little support even among Democrats.

Of course he is well liked (publicly) by Obama and Gov. Wishywashy so he has that going for him.

Off in far right field we have Tom Tancredo still stepping on his dick.

Joining him is our own local hustler, Dudley Brown of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

I’ve had past dealings with this tool not related to firearms. His persona is that of a bully which didn’t work out well for him in our interactions. One of the used car lots I supervised was across the street from his business and he was spending way too much time in our business. Our overly ambitious manager was spending more time with his schemes than she was running the lot. In the end it worked out for her as she is now a two term State Legislator and will probably win a third term. That said, she and he moved their plotting to another location and after business hours.

While I live in the 4th Congressional District now, I still support with financial donations the 6th Congressman, Mike Coffman (R). His opponent is a trial lawyer, a (P)regressive’s (P)regressive, and a current State Senator. Seems the national Dems want him gone (he is a fierce and effective critic of the VA) and have pledged millions, or have at least reserved TV time worth millions, to defeat him.  Earlier this year his opponent went on a “listening” tour. Attracted as many as four or six people to her events.

My sister is a Republican with a small (R) while I am a Democrat with a tiny (D). We usually cancel each others vote. She is not a fan of our current GOP Congressman. I don’t have a strong opinion except he favors most trade agreements.  That benefits agriculture. It is not like they benefit from the ethanol scam already. The rest of us? Who benefits? Corporations seeking higher profits? No problem, that is their choice. What is a problem is their expectation the military might of the United States will protect their risky investments. Tell me that isn’t a card the State Department flunkeys let foreign governments get a peek. Nah, that can’t happen.

While not a ditto head Rush Limbaugh fan, I do respect his well thought out points of view. His prediction of Leftist violence if Trump is elected is worth considering. I’m old enough to clearly remember the late 60’s violence stirred up by civil rights and the antiwar crowd.  No internet in those days but opinions still got expressed. I clearly remember a black and white film being shown at our college of the antiwar protests at Berkeley. One scene has always stayed in my mind. A clearly pregnant woman was sitting alone on a curb. A uniformed policeman came up behind her, jerked her back by her hair, and slammed a long wood stave across her midsection. 

The Republican convention in Cleveland is shaping up as a massive clusterfuck. The extra police from around the country have all pulled out. Look for the National Guard to be mobilized. Let’s assume Trump gets the nomination. The Left does their crazy and the violence is spread all over the news. Should piss off and scare enough people to get off their asses and vote for Trump.

I expect to see the GOP elites/establishment make a stand to deny Trump the nomination. Should raise the level of cynicism of the general population to new levels.

Small little person I am, I am enjoying the suffering of the American Mainstream Maggots (hat tip to BZ) covering Trump. They have little choice but to cover him. They can’t resist using every skill set to slant, distort, and discredit. Their personal biases are clearly on display.  That must piss off anyone even slightly favoring Trump, or is that just me?

So ends this ramble with one final thought. Anyone but Shillary.


CenTexTim said...

"The Left does their crazy and the violence is spread all over the news."

Not to rain on your "rambling, nearly incoherent post," but if there is violence at the Republican convention, count on the media to spin it as those poor innocent anti-Trump protestors being bullied by The Donald's storm troopers. IMO that will result in more anti-Trump votes than pro-Trump votes.

I hope and pray I'm wrong...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

No doubt about the media. The question is, does the media have any credibility with a lot of people?

Momma Fargo said...

Ah. A very good post and so much to say! Did you get coffee? The conservatives are a threat to all that is progressive or so they think. I kind of like being thought of as the enemy. Same as being a cop. LMAO. And yes...hiring is a problem everywhere. The last of us good dogs are fading fast.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Thank you for the compliment. That was written over a three day period so a lot of coffee was involved. Wish I could have gotten it to flow a little better instead of being more like a shotgun pattern.