Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cop Stories - Personal and Family

Two negative rants about recent police encounters involving family and myself.

First involves a probable stolen car. At my part time job is a parking lot that is somewhat isolated. Came in to find a 2 door hatchback (tuner look) backed into a tree so as to obscure the license plate and the front plate missing. Please understand I've done repossessions off and on for decades. I can spot someone is trying to hide a car so my suspicions have some credibility. Shortly after starting my route I see a cruiser sitting in a honey hole and pull over to talk to the officer. Got a polite, even cheerful, brush off. Of course, he had no way of knowing I spent decades retailing automobiles or he may not have tried to bullshit a professional bullshitter. My conclusion he is of the revenue generating subset of police and not a peace officer.

Second involves a 0430 ticket my middle son received three months ago. My guess is the officer hoped to catch a drunk and instead stops a totally sober driver returning from a concert in Denver. Said 40 year old driver has a speech impediment, looks like an ax murderer in a slasher movie, and  is driving a hail damaged old beater with an expired license tab. The officer proceeds to issue an 8 point ticket (we don't like your kind in our town) so as to end his shift on a high note and do some social cleansing.

Colorado has recently changed court rules classifying traffic tickets as a "civil matter"; pay the fine and no negotiating. Horseshit. So I stroke a $500 check to a lawyer and Monday a judge dismissed the entire matter as the officer failed to show up for the second time. Why me writing the check? My son has had a hard time keeping steady employment in this Obama economy.

Now $500 isn't a frivolous sum for a retiree like myself. That is new shocks on my Bronco and a new windshield in my Mighty Max. Why? For one, we need to stand up to the bureaucratic bastards or the whole place turns into a St. Louis County. For two, you don't fuck over me and mine with no consequences.

Many LEOs, past and present, are relatives. I steadfastly support Peace Officers, having come to their aid more than one time.  I'm less supportive of "Police" and even less of revenue generators. Most of my relative are of the Peace Officer persuasion. One, however, was so rank he was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in the early 1970's. Those who know the history of that department know getting fired in that era was rare.

This isn't bashing law enforcement. They do a difficult job that I couldn't do in my younger years. As citizens, we need to support them when they deserve it, and hold them accountable when they don't. The latter is neither pleasant or inexpensive. I do it because it is my grumpy asshole way. YMMV

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