Friday, March 4, 2016

Climate Change Shamans

Once again WSF goes wandering down a murky path. You have been warned.

Trying to stay awake on the road, turned on the radio and came across an individual preaching “climate change”.   Said it is the, “Biggest threat to us as a species”. As he went on, the message I heard was only he and his fellow “scientists” and useful idiots could save us. Damned if he didn’t sound just like an evangelical preacher spouting fire and brimstone.

History is replete with shamans, priests, witches/wiccans, druids, etc. While a source of good (medicine, morals, laws) they have also been focused on gaining power over their fellows. That brings wealth, status, and good sex to them while they promise various rewards to those they seek to dominate. Someone please tell me I’m full of shit.

Climate change?  Hell yes, it has been happening for eons. Will we suddenly become Venus? Will we enter another Ice Age?  Will all the frozen methane on the sea beds be released suddenly? Will the ocean currents suddenly reverse course? Will the magnetic poles suddenly reverse polarity? You don’t know, I don’t know, and these “climate change” scaremongers for damn sure don’t know. What the scare mongers do know is there is money and power to be had if their “message” is believed by enough people. Many of them could make a living writing scripts for horror films.

Take for example this gem.

I get it that this is satire. I also get the people who find this humorous also believe it.

I’m reminded of another little gem.

 If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we’ll use the persuasion of power.”
Andy Stern, Former SEIU International President
I don’t doubt for a minute that, if available, force won’t be used to advance the “climate change” shaman’s agenda.

There are two real dangers here.

First, the loss of our freedoms and property.

Second, the boy who cried wolf. So much bullshit has been spread that a real and serious threat won’t be believed.

One last swipe at “settled science”.  I read where someone drilled down on one claim. The scientific organization has a membership of around 6,000. 79 members, out of 6,000 were surveyed. The results were published as to imply all 6,000 members were in agreement.

As always YMMV.


  1. My biggest problem with "the science is settled" crowd is that they're methodology is inconsistent. The location and instruments for measuring temperature, sea levels, ice floes, etc. has changed over the years. That makes it difficult to compare readings over time.

    Second problem: IF climate change is occurring, how can we be sure it is man-made? There is a higher correlation between sun spots and climate change over eons than between CO2 levels and climate change.

    I'm not saying they're necessarily wrong. It would be somewhat naive to think that all the crap we humans pump into the environment isn't having some effect. What I am saying is that they haven't, IMO, proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That and $1 will get you a cup of coffee...

    1. I'm sure human activity impacts climate. It certainly impacts the environment. A few weeks ago I heard a passionate college instructor ranting about methane from cattle. When I pointed out the number of cattle now might not be as many as bison in the past, I got the dumbest look. Silly twit wouldn't believe bison are cattle. Said twit has a Phd and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

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  2. I am not a scientist, but I am quite capable of observing the world. And when the guys who are MOST worried about 'climate change' fly all over the world in private jets, leaving a bigger *carbon footprint* (jesus h christ who thinks this shit up??) in one trip than I will for the rest of my LIFE... own mansions and houseboats and, gee, make MONEY from selling carbon credits and preaching about how we're destroying the planet... well, they just don't seem all that worried.

    So I'm not terribly worried either. Except now I have to worry about the bison....

    1. Don't forget moose and elk. They have a similar digestive system to cows.

    2. And there's more bullshit from the 'climate change experts' than there has ever been, since time began, behind pooping ruminants.


    3. Ah, but not as much methane.If it isn't climate change they will get themselves worked up over other issues like, say, the plight of trans gendered cats.

  3. There is also the fact the climate change will not happen overnight. It won't haven a 1500 on Thursday. It will not be instant. Look at the last ice age. It took hundreds of years for the ice to melt and move back into Canada where it belongs. Nature, except for earthquakes and tornadoes, does not act that fast. So all these 'scientist' and doom predictors will be dead and gone before any noticeable change occurs... if it does.

  4. +1 on CP... And the actual RAW data doesn't match their 'models'...

  5. Most brilliant post. You are so right. Remember when the liberals called it global warming and we (the more rights) said it was climate change and has been occurring for years? Now they think they coined the terms "climate change" and that the rights are thumbing their nose at it. The difference is they are fear mongering everyone to believe it is all down to how we use the earth. While I agree we need to be good stewards, I think most of that is bull shit and a scare tactic to stop natural resources.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Not that it signifies anything but E85 is now 22 Cents per gallon more than regular around here.