Friday, August 14, 2015

Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration seems to have two kinds of people. A slim minority of dedicated, caring people trying to make things happen on a shoestring and a large majority of payroll patriots and career REMFs with a new infusion of fobbits that are all for their own comfort, pay and perks. How annoying it must be for them to actually deal with “clients”.

There is at least one pit bull on their asses, Mike Coffman (R) Colorado 4th. He declined the chance to run for the Senate (with a good chance of being elected) to stay where he can continue to hammer the VA.

I now live in another district but continue to send a few dollars his way because I think he is a decent man and committed to bringing change to the VA. The national Democrats target him every election.  We all know it takes money to run for office. If you can see your way to vote with your wallet to help our vets, his campaign is worthy of your consideration.

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