Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stepping On His Pee Pee II

A  rant about Colorado politics. May not be of interest to those who don’t live here. You are warned!

Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper, aka Gov. Wishywashy, seems to be fixated on repeating dumb ass moves. Not satisfied with freezing out Colorado Sheriffs during the passage of stupid gun laws, he has now frozen out all Republicans, while pushing new fracking laws. Some of his own party have had enough, and are refusing to go along. To get this done, he needs to call a Special Session of the Colorado Legislature. “Meet with the Republicans? We don’t need no stinking meeting; we have a majority in both chambers”. 

Except, at least two Senate Democrats of the 18-17 majority (was 20-15 until two were recalled over the gun issue) are saying, “hell no”.

The person pushing this down the road is one Congressman Jared Polis (D), hailing from the Peoples Republic of Boulder, and a darling of the eco Nazis. Seems he wasn’t concerned with fracking until he came back from Washington D.C. one break to find an oil well being set up adjacent to his property. “Not in my back yard, M)&^$# F@*$)+%”.

Jared is extremely wealthy from his parent’s company sale, Wild Blue Greeting Cards, and their estate. He is one of the four wealthy trust fund principals behind the “Colorado Model” gun control push and turning Colorado purple.  Wishywashy seems afraid of his money.

Once again Wishywashey has an excellent chance to step on his pee pee. Probably will.

We all can appreciate his recent photo opportunities with the Lightbringer playing pool and drinking beer in LoDo. That will get him a lot of votes out in rural Colorado, not, but the Jefferson County soccer moms are thrilled.

So, WSF, are you looking forward to a Republican Governor? Not the one who has the nomination. If you took every negative stereotype of an inbred, wealthy country club, privileged, lily white caricature of an insider Republican, he would be the poster boy. Add being implicated in many local banking and savings and loan scandal for the last thirty years and the picture becomes clearer.  I’ve never voted for him, will never vote for him, and won’t encourage anyone to vote for him. That is one place on the ballot I will likely leave blank.

My feverent hope is the voters in this state will rise up and put the boots to the Democrats in office this coming election. Not saying they will be any good; just saying they won't do as much harm.

Fracking? That is the only job creating industry in the state. The rest are being strangled by regulations and taxes.

 Fleecing tourists is still encouraged. Out of state visitors should read the fine print on car rental agreements, know they will get gouged with "hospitality" taxes at motels, and, for their financial health, stay the hell off  the E-470 toll road. Driving on E-470 in a rental car will cost you north of $80. Oh, and have a nice day!


Old NFO said...

All that Kalifornication has finally taken hold there... Feel for ya my friend...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

No argument here.

Murphy's Law said...

I was planning on buying land, building a cabin and retiring to Colorado, but these last couple of elections and the results have caused me to abandon that plan.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Probably wise. The looming power and control grab is water, and water rights. Probably some combination of the EPA and perverted eminent domain. Wyoming has a lot to offer, but the winters are a bitch. Just make sure of your reliable water source.

Ami said...

I am so sorry about Colorado. I am originally from there (Gunnison) and part of me always wants to go 'home'.

We got californicated here in Oregon, too.
Our governor is a lying, scheming sack of shit.
And we have so many goddamn liberals that fuckwads like Kitzhaber keep getting elected. And through a weird-assed loophole in the law, this dildo is in a THIRD term and planning to run for a fourth.
Jesus wept.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Colorado has the Front Range, Oregon has the Willamette Valley. Outside those areas there remains pockets of sanity.