Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank You NRA, But NoThanks

The big brown Happy Truck dropped this off, a thank you for renewing your membership gift. Seems well made, lots of pockets and zippers, and probably a good range bag.

Gave it to my sister's boyfriend. He plans to use it for some of his electrical tools.

Those three big gold letters are the problem. To a thief, "Oh lookie, lookie what we have here". To a LEO, "Mind if I have a look inside your bag"?

My "stuff" gets wrapped in an old sweatshirt and stuffed into a faded green cotton bag with a stout rope drawstring. Goes next to a cheap sleeping bag and an oblong black bag with an "Isuzu" logo that is my BOB. None of it looks good enough to donate to a thrift store. Doubt any of it would appeal to even the most down and out meth head.

What I want the world to see if an old, fat grandfather with no money driving an old P.O.S. Nothing of interest here folks, just move on.

So thank you, NRA. I don't mind supporting your mission, but I am not advertising my firearms. Faded NRA sticker on the rear window? Sure, along with a faded "My son is in the Army" and a "Freedom Isn't Free" stickers. Goes will with the rest of the image.

One last point. I don't own a single damn thing with the word "Tactical" on it.
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