Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cheapskate, I Am

My main driver. 1996 Escort Wagon, purchased with 114,000 miles on the odometer for $1,400. Have spent, over the last 86,000 miles,  about $1,000 for tires, alternator, battery, struts, brake pads, and a timing belt. A/C still blows cold. Including purchase price, $0.0279 per mile cost to drive plus gas and oil changes. Gets up to 34-35 mpg on the highway if there isn't a significant headwind.

Probably two thirds of those miles driven were for business with income being produced.

From Colorado, it has taken me as far North as Aberdeen, ND, as far South as Marfa, TX, as far East as Omaha, and as far West as Dugway, UT. I have no qualms of getting in it and driving anywhere.

I am considering getting a new windshield. Extravagent, I know, but is getting to a "Hello Officer" state.

Blasted Fords, wish they would last!
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