Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Men vs. Women - Shopping Experience

Middle son is struggling in this current job market. He has found a temporary job that requires safety toes boots and asked for my help.

Entering the boot store, we encountered a pallet of safety toes boots on sale. He found his size, tried them on, declared they fit and expressed his preference for black instead of brown.

Off to the cashier, payment made, and out the door. Total time, under twenty minutes. Darned if he isn’t his father’s son.


suz said...

Patent leather, snake skin, ostrich, suede? Details, man, details! We're talking accessories here!!!

Colleen said...

He is NOT his father's son & does not have the paternal family feet. There is no way that the rest of us in the family can pull off the above trick. We have to struggle to find the right size, width & availability; forget selection of color, etc. Are you sure that he is yours??? LOL


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Leather uppers, endangered naughahide lowers, molded soles, laced over arch, hooks over shanks, padded collar top. Worn with black Wranglers, black t shirt adorned with Death Metal inspired graphics, and black leather bomber jacket. Wallet with chrome chain clipped to belt loop.


Older brother and he have standard feet. Only the youngest has the family feet. In his case, only EE.