Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking the Oath

Old NFO,, has a wonderful post, “Welcome Home.” Worth the visit and nothing I can improve upon.

A father/son pair I know are THE GREATEST PATRIOTS. Think Ronald Reagan was nearly a demigod. Strong conservatives; just ask them. Neither has come within a mile of a recruiting station. The father has all kinds of excuses for skipping the draft. He has made certain his sons didn’t serve but, they applaud those who do.

One Veterans Day the son said to me, “Thank you for your service.” The first person to ever say that to me in the forty plus years since serving in the Army and it comes from a hypocritical puke! Wanted to punch him. Instead I said, “Your Welcome,” and walked away.

I respect anyone who raised their right hand, took the oath, and fulfilled it. Whether they were on the tip of the spear or a cook at a stateside training post, they have my respect and heartfelt thanks.

A lot has been said about the treatment of the Vietnam veterans. Fair enough, it needed examined. The vets who really got the backhand of their country were from the Korean conflict.

We seem to be doing better as a country in our treatment of our service members. Hopefully, my son now in Afghanistan will find his fellow citizens more appreciative of his service in the years ahead.

As to those who could have served and weaseled out, they will never have my respect. Probably won’t matter to them but it matters to me.


Old NFO said...

WSF- We cannot afford to alienate another generation like we were alienated after Viet Nam- Why do you think so many Vets are meeting these kids at airports all over the US? And 'W' going out to DFW and meeting the troops on a regular basis with no media?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You are, as usual, correct.

Anonymous said...

I have always been proud of the members of our family who have served. Our mother was born on Flag Day & we have honored the flag for many years. WSF's comment about the hypocrits resonated with me because I saw so many people jump on the flag bandwagon after Sept. 11th, that seemed to have never even thought of the flag before. Prayers and best wishes go to ALL that are serving & have served. Some of us may not wear our support on our sleeves or vehicle but nevertheless are supporting the troops.