Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steam Engine Fix

As a kid living along side the old D&RG mainline, I never tired of seeing steam locomotives. Even got to ride in the cab of one.

Last month the Union Pacific pulled the Circus train with a Challenger and I was there. Yesterday, visited the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

Interesting contrast of steam engine and the engineer on a cell phone.

No blogs for about a week as my "part time" job is sending me on an assignment.


Old NFO said...

Great pics! My Grandfather was an engineer for UP in the late 1890's up through the late 1930s. I have his engineer's watch and it's one of my proudest possessions! He had some great stories too!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Yes, the watches. When my father was promoted to Section Foreman, he had to have a certain quality pocket watch; so many jewels and one of perhaps four approved brands. I think the watch was close to two weeks salary and he bought a used one from a Denver pawn shop. In more affluent times, he upgraded. I have his first watch.