Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why a Democrat

So a young friend asked me, “What is a Democrat”? Hard question to answer. I could only tell him where I come from.

In business, there is a principal called “The Laws of Adhesion”. Simply, in a contract, the stronger party cannot dictate terms unfavorable to the weaker party. The contract is unenforceable if challenged in court. I believe the principal should apply to most facets of our lives.

MY Democratic Party WAS the champion of a level playing field. What it has become is something I don’t recognize.

To me, the Republicans are the “I’ve got mine, screw you” Party. Since the majority of my relatives are Republicans, we have outrageous arguments and nullify each other at the polls. I see little difference between the tactics of Tom Delay and Nancy Pelosi.

This election I find myself working to elect two Republicans for Congress and two others for county offices. The incumbents I cannot support.

In past blogs, I’ve talked about getting involved at the local level. That, and being a campaign volunteer are ways I can, in a very small way, push my views. For a past blog go to:

So irritating, getting people off their ass just to vote, let alone get involved.

Perhaps I cannot fit under a "Big Tent".


Old NFO said...

WSF- VERY few people actually WANT to get involved, they prefer to stand off and throw rocks (or crap)... sigh...

Anonymous said...

IF they get invloved they could be held reponsible for there actions, god knows they dont want that.