Monday, September 27, 2010

Evil Car Salesmen Again

Another car story requested. This one explains why it isn’t smart to be rude.

The dealership, to build customer traffic, had weekend advertised specials. The prices were low because every bit of profit was stripped. The vehicles were usually base units with few extras. Salespeople were paid a flat $50 commission.

One Saturday we had a proto typical Subaru customer; a skinny, bitchy, uptight schoolteacher, about thirty, with a sneering, superior attitude. Her male companion had long ago surrendered his gonads. She probably had them in her purse. “Take a turn,” the manager told me. Oh joy, prime selling time consumed for a deal that would net me $25.

The customer offered $2,000 less than our sale price. She was insistent her offer be presented to the manager. I insisted she make a firm commitment; signed offer plus “earnest money". We argued. I told her the manager was going to yell at me for bringing him such a low offer and I wasn’t getting yelled at for not bringing him a firm offer. Finally, she produced a credit card and signed the offer sheet. On my way to see the manager, I copied the credit card front and back and put the copies away. The manager had me return her card and throw her and her companion out (politely).

Have you ever tried to cancel a magazine subscription? About six weeks later at the public library, I gathered subscription forms from the magazine section.
Big Beautiful Woman, Hot Rod, Field and Stream, etc. were ordered and prepaid. A lifetime membership in the NRA was part of the package.

Yes, I am a vindictive, low life, backstabbing sorry excuse for a human being. Deal with it. Way past the statute of limitations.


Old NFO said...

LOL- Payback, best served cold...

Anonymous said...

Evil, evil man!