Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

In the Northwest corner of Colorado is a private cemetery on ten acres left from an old homestead. Buried there is my father and eight of his siblings. Yesterday we gathered to bury the ashes of one of his sisters. Around forty people attended.
All his brothers who were physically able served in WWII including one who was nearly blind in one eye. Most of his sisters married servicemen. Of the men in the yesterday group maybe two out of three are veterans. Among my father's nieces and nephews, several have children serving or who have served.

The pictures are of what remains of the five brother's sleeping quarters for two or three Colorado winters during the Great Depression.

What I want to say to those who want to take away our freedoms, our way of life; to subjugate us, our children, our clans is this: We know where we came from, we will fight; and we will prevail. Don't fuck with us!

God bless all who have fought for this country and the freedoms we enjoy; have served in our armed forces; or have kept their homes intact waiting for their warriors to come home.


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Abraham, a man i want to talk about. He has a covenant with god. When He died he made a point that he would be buried at the place he bought for his family. This place was givin to him. Just like the place you were at. I agree with you. there are places in this land that are ment to be. Your CLAN will fight! They will fight with our LORD Jesus.

Your post is very important to me!

It is proof that all those out there that want to take away from what we have OR make jokes can just take the next train.

We are on the LONG train to heaven.